Hosted by Julia Zemiro and Genevieve Hegney, the Awards seek to acknowledge and support the crucial role casting directors play in bringing together great casting opportunities both on a national and international stage.

CGA President Thea McLeod said:  “The Casting Guild of Australia is buzzing with excitement as we approach our highly anticipated annual CGA awards ceremony. Importantly, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible supporters that play an integral role in making the CGA awards a reality.

“It’s a privilege to come together and revel in the outstanding work of casting directors in Australia. With their exceptional talent-spotting abilities, ability to gauge chemistry and assemble the perfect ensemble, casting directors are instrumental in transforming scripts into stories that leave a lasting imprint in our memories.

“This year has seen a remarkable tapestry of productions, shining a spotlight on both emerging talents and seasoned actors. Every nominee and participant should take immense pride in the diverse array of productions they’ve contributed to as we continue to shape and elevate the entertainment landscape together.”

The full list of 2023 CGA Award nominees include:

Best Casting in a Feature Film

  • Shayda – Anousha Zarkesh
  • Sweet As – Jane Norris
  • Talk To Me – Nikki Barrett
  • The New Boy – Anousha Zarkesh

Best Casting in a Short Film

  • 14 in February – Will Pearce
  • Hafekasi – Peta Dermatis and Lauren Mass
  • Pasifika Drift – Stephanie Pringle and Alison Fowler
  • Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge – Danny Long

Best Casting in a TV Comedy

  • Colin From Accounts – Kirsty McGregor and Stevie Ray
  • Deadloch – Alison Telford and Kate Leonard
  • Gold Diggers – Lou Mitchell, Marianne Jade and Amanda Mitchell
  • Totally Completely Fine – Amanda Mitchell

Best Casting in a TV Drama

  • Black Snow – Nikki Barrett and Natalie Wall
  • Last King of the Cross – Stevie Ray
  • Shantaram – Alison Telford, Kate Leonard, Kate Dowd (UK Casting) and Nikki Barrett (Original Casting)
  • The Newsreader S2 – Nathan Lloyd

Best Casting in a Telemovie/TV Miniseries

  • In Our Blood – Nathan Lloyd
  • Safe Home – Nathan Lloyd
  • The Clearing – Jane Norris
  • The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Jane Norris

Best Casting in a Theatre Production

  • & Juliet – Kirsty McGregor
  • Choir Boy – Rhys Velasquez
  • Fences – Alex Souvlis
  • Is God Is – Janine Snape and Alex Souvlis

Best Casting in a TVC

  • Australia Post ‘Delivering Always’ – Ally Reynolds and Ellie Honigman
  • Furphy ‘Rookie’ – Amy Mete
  • MLA Lamb ‘Un-Australian’ – Natalie Jane Harvie
  • Telstra ‘This Is Footy Country’ – Natalie Jane Harvie
  • Virgin Australia ‘Have A Wonderful Flight’ – Amy Mete
  • Who Gives A Crap ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’ – Sarah Alekna

Best Casting in a TVC – Community

  • Mona ‘Queer Woodchop Championships’ – Natalie Jane Harvie
  • Movember – Natalie Jane Harvie
  • NRL ‘Run To What’s Real’ – Stevie Ray
  • Qantas ‘Feels Like Home Again’ – Danny Long
  • Vegemite 100 Years – Peta Dermatis and Lauren Mass
  • Vote Yes, The Voice – Anousha Zarkesh

Achievement in Casting

  • Barrumbi Kids – Faith Martin
  • Crazy Fun Park – Marianne Jade and Lou Mitchell
  • Latecomers [pictured] – Danny Long
  • Triple Oh! – Amy Mete and Nick Hamon

The 2023 CGA Rising Stars will also be presented on the night with recipients set to be announced soon.

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