Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) Chair Deborah Tabart OAM will be attending a screening of The Koalas at New Farm Cinemas this coming Sunday 30th June. Tabart has been invited by the team behind the film to speak following the screening about the upcoming Koala Army March hosted by the AKF, which will endeavour to highlight the importance of the Koala Protection Act to ensure the future of Australia’s national icon.

“I am delighted to be speaking on behalf of the AKF following the screening of The Koalas this weekend,” Tabart states. “The documentary provides insights into the current plight of the koala and encourages people to understand the severity of danger our beloved national icon currently faces. I’m hoping that it incites a call to action from the public and inspires them to put their support behind the protection of the koala.”

In September, the Australian Koala Foundation will be coordinating a call to action event of their own, to coincide with Save the Koala month. Their flagship event, the Koala Army March invites members of the public to dress up as their favourite iconic Australian animal and March together to Parliament house in unified support of the Koala Protection Act.

The Koalas is showing at New Farm cinemas on Sunday 30th June at 2pm.

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