This film project was made as a tribute to the old Science Fiction and Horror “B‟ movies of the 1950’s. It was inspired by movies such as Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy & Dinosaur Island.

A meteorite crashes into the sea and becomes a floating island. A group of scientists is sent to investigate reports of accelerated evolution on the island and they find that the island is inhabited by mutated cat beings called ‘Cat People’. It’s up to Captain John Baker and the scientists to escape the meteorite before they become victims of the ‘Cat people’.

Starring, Jessica Ham, Peter O’Hanlon, John Gorman, Wayne Bassett, Emma Critchell, Brad Phillips & Zsolt Vincze.

The film was written and directed by Sarah Stephenson. Sarah is also known for her web series Mia Morris’ Diary and her Documentary The Lockdown & her upcoming mini web series she is working on Prom Queen. Sarah has received many awards and nominations for her film projects.

The movie is now released on Vimeo on Demand here