Prepare for Preppers

May 6, 2021
Nakkiah Lui stars and writes new 6-part comedy series for ABC TV.

Co-written with her real-life partner Gabriel Dowrick, Preppers is about a young Aboriginal woman whose life is turned upside down, forcing her to hook up with a community of doomsday preppers. “With climate change, economic catastrophe, terrorism, pandemics, meteor strikes, hostile AI, nuclear proliferation, alien invasion it looks almost certain that the end is nigh. So, when the end comes—no matter how it happens— maybe the craziest thing is to NOT be prepared?” asks the press release synopsis for the show.

Apart from Lui, the cast includes Ursula Yovich, Chum Ehelepola, Meyne Wyatt, Aaron McGrath, Eryn Jean Norvill , Jack Charles, Grant Denyer, Christine Anu, Miranda Tapsell, Brooke Satchwell, Luke Carroll and singer Kate Miller-Heidke, with all episodes to be directed by Steven McGregor (Black Comedy).

“It’s very exciting for us to see the comedic world we’ve created come to life with such a great cast and crew, and we are also particularly pleased that Preppers is being made (and will hopefully be seen) before the eventual apocalyptic event(s) that wipe out humanity…” said Lui and Dowrick.

“It has been a real joy watching Nakkiah go from strength to strength, from her first writing and performing roles in Black Comedy, to short form in Kiki & Kitty and now her first half hour series, with Preppers,” said Sally Riley, ABC Head of Drama, Entertainment and Indigenous.

Producing are Liz Watts and Sylvia Warmer, who said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering again with Nakkiah Lui, as well as Gabe Dowrick, on Preppers, along with a brilliant cast and crew. We can’t imagine a more blackly comic and pertinent series for our time. Preppers will be smart, relatable and very, very funny. It also might make you shed a tear.”

Preppers is supported by Screen Australia, with Penny Smallacombe, Head of First Nations Department at Screen Australia saying, “Nakkiah Lui has a track record of creating boundary-pushing comedy and we’re proud to support her and the rest of the talented creative team in bringing this hilarious and clever series to life. Who doesn’t need a few lessons in Prepping!”


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