Planet Cinema Announces Stellar Winners of 2023

August 23, 2023
Planet Cinema, the premiere online film awards competition, proudly unveils the winners of its 2023 inaugural round, spotlighting a slew of innovative independent filmmakers.

Leading the roster with an impressive 9 awards and 2 nominations is OH MY NIGHT, from the Netherlands, directed by the prodigious Isis Mihrimah Cabolet. It’s closely followed by VICTIM OF LOVE from Denmark, directed by Jesper Isaksen, clinching 5 awards and 4 nominations.

1st Place OH MY NIGHT (Netherlands) · Isis Mihrimah Cabolet

The top 10 films in contention for the coveted $1,500 cash prize for Best Picture of the year are:

  • OH MY NIGHT (Netherlands) – Isis Mihrimah Cabolet – 9 awards + 2 nominations
  • VICTIM OF LOVE (Denmark) – Jesper Isaksen – 5 awards + 4 nominations
  • THE JOURNEY OF MURDER (China) – Jun Wang – 3 awards + 5 nominations
  • MAN WITH SHADOW (Slovenia) – Ema Kugler – 3 awards + 12 nominations
  • MONKEY BEACH (Canada) – Loretta Sarah Todd – 2 awards + 6 nominations
  • IF WE HAD TOMORROW (Ukraine) – Anastasiya Yevchenko – 2 awards + 5 nominations
  • OLMA DJON (France) – Victoria Yakubov Schneid – 1 award + 8 nominations
  • LA TIERRA LLAMANDO A ANA “PLANET EARTH CALLING ANA” (Spain) – Fernando Bonelli – 1 award + 6 nominations
  • NAKED ISLAND (China) – Jim Yufei Zou – 1 award + 6 nominations
  • THE CANNIBALS (USA) – Kim Hopkins, Abigail Breslin – 1 award + 3 nominations
  • THE DITCH (Finland) – Kim Saarinen, P.J. Piippo – 5 nominations

2nd Place VICTIM OF LOVE (Denmark) · Jesper Isaksen

Planet Cinema, aside from the significant cash prize, offers filmmakers a unique opportunity to earn IMDb-accredited awards and nominations, as well as receive professional film reviews. The competition serves as a prominent platform for all filmmakers, whether they’re embarking on their cinematic journey or have already etched their mark in the industry.

Recognising that some films might not meet the stringent standards of festivals like Cannes, yet deserve acknowledgment, Planet Cinema ensures these masterpieces receive the appreciation they merit. The platform offers filmmakers an environment free of the risk of violating distribution contracts, emphasising pure cinematic critique and feedback.

Planet Cinema, while being a relatively new entrant, has rapidly gained recognition in the online film festival domain. The brand’s core values of fun, transparency, and celebrating filmmaking prowess are evident. The competition boasts incentives like prompt feedback, IMDb-recognised awards, and opportunities for some winners to join the esteemed jury panel in the subsequent year.

Entries for the next competition round are now open. Filmmakers are invited to seize this chance to be globally recognised, benefit from a myriad of incentives, and be a part of a community that genuinely celebrates the world of independent cinema.

For more details, visit Planet Cinema’s official website.

Main Image: 4th Place MAN WITH SHADOW (Slovenia) · Ema Kugler