By Travis Johnson

Fantasy-tinged queer indie The Neon Spectrum is getting a run of special Q&A screenings in Melbourne next week, with filmmaker Lee Galea (2013 Melbourne Queer Film Festival winner Monster Pies) and cast members on hand to field audience questions. Film critic Stephen A. Russell will moderate.

Taking its cues from The Wizard of Oz, The Neon Spectrum follows a young woman (Stephanie Gonelli) who travels from the UK to Melbourne to track down her estranged father. Along the way she meets a homeless muso (Joshua Orpin), a kind elderly man (Trevor Hanna) and a cowardly performer (Pat Moonie).

“As a kid I was always drawn to The Wizard of Oz and how the lead characters stood side by side, protecting and encouraging each other to follow their dreams.” Galea said of the film’s development. “It’s a timeless film that connects to so many people because friendship is a powerful thing when you’re away from home and family.

“I adapted that story into The Neon Spectrum with those same themes in mind. I feel it’s important to remember that when faced with the struggles of life, it’s those close friends who help us see the light.”

You can catch The Neon Spectrum and hear Galea and his actors at:

Cinema Nova – Tuesday, November 28, 6.30pm
Lido Cinemas – Wednesday, November 29, 7pm
Cameo Cinemas – Friday, December 1, 7pm



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