Movies Every Trader Needs to Watch

March 22, 2019
The financial arena is an exciting place. Outrageous things happen, which ends up as movie subjects. Trading-related movies are fascinating to watch, and every trader needs to watch it. These flicks are entertaining and are also going to offer you helpful lessons.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The movie list of a trader is not going to be complete without watching The Wolf of Wall Street. This is a black comedy and is a biography of the life of Jordan Belfort. Apart from the star-studded cast, the movie offers a glimpse of the jobbers of Wall Street. However, the movie also shows that there is a dark side when it comes to greed. Behind the cocaine, booze, billions of dollars and prostitutes is a man who slowly unveils himself. This leads to some funny scenes. However, it is going to remind you that trading isn’t just about money. In case you are having a problem to balance the ambition, you need to check out the hideous story of Belfort.

Rogue Trader

If you are a trader, you will definitely be familiar with the rogue trader, Nick Leeson. He is known to have bankrupted Barings Bank in 1995. His is a cautionary tale enumerating the menacing moves of Leeson. When the movie shows the ability of Lesson to hide a $1.3 billion trading loss, it also shows the consequence of the recklessness of a young trader. The only silver lining in the movie is that it shows that the skill to manage risk is important when it comes to being a trader.

The Big Short

When it comes to the meltdown of the financial market, there is nothing worse than the Global Financial Crisis, the recession period that America had to suffer. A few years later, the a movie was made with great insight about traders who saw the writing on the wall. The movie stars 5 a-list actors from Hollywood. It showcases how a handful of traders bet against the mortgage crisis. Even though many know the manner in which the crisis had ended, there are very few who know about the shady backroom deals in details which created a furor during that time. This movie will educate, as well as entertain.

Too Big to Fail

This movie chronicles the financial crisis of 2008 but from a different perspective. It looks at the starting of the financial crisis just after the industry of subprime mortgage went belly up. It starts with the decision to allow Lehman Brothers to fail in 2008 and the implication that it is going to have on the industry. Some of the known financial market personalities are depicted in the movie.

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