How Movies Can Improve Our Mental Health

April 11, 2019
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. All across the world, many people are dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, be it severe or mild. Many people go undiagnosed or don’t receive the healthcare they need. That’s why this month exists, and we’re here to tell you that movies can help you improve your mental health.

With the changing landscape of cinema, recognising the mental health benefits of movies is more important than ever. Watching a movie every now and then is a good thing, and here are a few reasons why.

It’s Escapism

Perhaps the oldest reason in the book is because of the escapism aspect of movies. People are dealing with their own issues all the time. The world around them seems to be falling apart. For two hours, a movie helps them immerse themselves in another world, and it’s usually a world where good triumphs in the end. The immersion movies have to offer can be a release from the stresses of work, school, and life in general.

Of course, in the end, you need to tackle your problems rather than escaping from them, but the occasional bout of escapism can help you out in many ways.

Movies Can Help You Release Your Emotions

The people who make their movies have their own problems and demons they are fighting, thus their emotions can be seen in many movies. As a result, some movies can help you express your emotions that you’ve found difficult to be expressed. A sad movie can make you cry when you’ve found it so hard to let the tears out. Alternatively, it can make you feel better, as the protagonist’s problems ended up much worse than your own. A happy movie can cheer you up after a tough day. A scary movie can pump you full of energy when you’re feeling a bit down. A family movie improves your bonds with your kids.

A good movie manages to take your emotions and amplify them, or help you find the emotions you feel you’re lacking. It’s quite simple.

It Can Inspire You

Movies can be inspiring. There are many morals and lessons to be learned in a good form of storytelling. Perhaps a movie can motivate you into becoming interested in being a filmmaker. A good movie can take someone who has no drive and drive them to be a better person. A great movie could inspire you to  completely change and improve your life, which you can then start by reading interesting articles on Vegan Liftz related to personal health and fitness. It sounds a bit silly, but you’d be surprised with how movies can help you do that. Just watch a good movie and see how well they can benefit you. Chances are, you can improve quite a bit when watching a great movie.

They’re Distracting

This goes hand in hand with the escapism reason. If you’re depressed or anxious, one of the best ways to treat yourself is to get away from your emotions. A movie can help you do just that. It can help you focus and your depression takes a back seat. When it’s over, that effect can even last for longer, which is always a plus. So, if you’re having problems with finding something to do to get your mind off your anxiety or depression, why not watch a movie?

Of Course, You Need Professional Help Too

If you’re severely depressed, anxious, or have another problem, watching movies or exercising can help, but it’s no match for professional help. Talk to a counselor, either in person or online, and they can help you with any problem you’re facing.

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So turn on Netflix, go to the cinema, or head to a store if you’re old fashioned, and enjoy a good film.


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