Cinema In Australia: A Shifting Landscape…

April 4, 2019
Cinema in Australia is about a lot more than just the latest blockbusters, which one of the industry’s major players is wholly aware of.

Event Cinemas is one of the power players on the Australian cinema scene, with screens across the nation and exciting new innovations like the full sensory fury of 4DX. And while Event Cinemas is home to blockbusters like Shazam!, Captain Marvel and The Lego Movie 2, the cinema chain has also been happy to diversify. Also equally at home within the walls of Event Cinemas are a host of film festivals (The Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney, The Russian Resurrection Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Adelaide Film Festival, Japanese Film Festival, and The Sci-Fi Film Festival in Sydney) playing a fascinating array of films from around the world.

Event Cinemas also host a variety of retrospective programmes, such as Hollywood Classics (which plays exactly that, with titles like Psycho, Calamity Jane and Dirty Harry), In The House (which showcases cult favourites such as Pulp Fiction, The Shining and Heathers), and Outta The Box (which features anime titles like Your Name and Ponyo). “After a fantastic start with the first season of Hollywood Classics in 2018, we have an extended, larger program going to a wider audience with thirty sites nationally,” says Anthony Kierann, General Manager Film Festivals, Australian Cinema, Programs. “Hollywood Classics is proving very popular, with titles like Bullitt, Terms Of Endearment, The Red Shoes and others with a swag of Academy Awards between them. In The House is back for season nine with Movie Nerds as the new hosts, and between the two programs we have some of the greatest filmmakers of all time across a multitude of genres. The mix is there, and if one was after some of the best Anime of all time, then you can swing by and see what’s on offer with the Anime Outta The Box program at selected sites.”

Looking further to the future, Event Cinemas has also just acquired the rights to host The SF3 Smartphone Film Festival. “One of the new ventures that we are thrilled about is partnering with SF3,” says Kierann. “We have high hopes for its growth on our platform to generate and promote a new era of filmmakers on smartphone tools available to the generation of today. There is a new era developing each day, and David Wenham and Phillip Noyce have just come aboard as ambassadors of the festival.”

For more details about what’s happening at Event Cinemas, head to the official website.


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