By Dov Kornits

How did this role come about?

“One of my agents called me to say they had an offer on this small film and asked if I would take a look. I immediately responded to the role – I’m a mother, and my character’s experience was something that I could relate to, so it was an easy answer.”

Your character ends up kicking arse. Is that a reflection of the real Ali Larter? Can you kick arse, and do you like seeing women kick arse in movies?  

“Maybe that’s what they saw in me as a choice, knowing my history as Claire in Resident Evil, which is a total kick ass character. I love seeing strong female action characters in film and on television. Personally, I think that any mother would kick ass when confronted with what happens in this film!”

You’ve become associated with fantastical material. Do you particularly enjoy the genre, or is it just the type of material that hits your desk?

“I wouldn’t say that it’s a conscious choice of mine, but my previous films clearly resonate with filmmakers who themselves are creators in that genre, so I get a lot of material from many sources. I’m lucky to be able to have many sides – Legally Blonde, Resident Evil, Legends, and all my ladies in Heroes – which is so much fun.”

On a similar subject, what about horror? Do you like watching films/TV in this genre?

“I have so much to keep up on overall in film and TV that I don’t seek out any one genre, and I tend to watch purposefully for research.”

During The Diabolical, did you interact with real things when reacting to the ‘bad guys’ and some of the visions, or did you have to use your imagination?

“Both. It always felt very real.”

When acting in these parts, do you take the work home with you?

“I couldn’t help but bring home some of the emotions – fear, concern etc – which only served to create a deeper bond with my family.”

Have you ever been to Australia?

“When I was nineteen, I spent time in Bondi Beach working as a model. My time there was magical – taking a boat out and eating shrimp and drinking sauvignon blanc was a particular highlight.”

Was acting something that you always wanted to do from a young age, or did you fall into it?  

“The call to acting came after my stay in Australia, when I was introduced to an acting class, which I realised was a place for me to put all of the emotions, ideas, and thoughts that I was experiencing.”

What projects are you currently working on?

“I just completed my third Resident Evil film, playing Claire Redfield. It was a complicated and physical shoot, but it will definitely be the best of them so far. It’s out early 2017. I’m busy raising my two children, working on my blog, starting my second cook book, pitching a scripted series with Liz Brixius (Nurse Jackie), and developing several projects related to food, entertaining, and travel…I’m doing it all and loving life!”

The Diabolical is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital from December 30. For more on Ali Larter, head here.


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