The List of All The People Taylor Swift Has Dated

July 23, 2020
In Hollywood, Taylor Swift has a reputation as a true conqueror of male hearts. Even Tom Hiddleston, Joe Jonas, and Connor Kennedy have been under her spell.

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Now let’s start with the list of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends:


Vocalist Jonas Brothers became Taylor’s first love. Their romance started in 2008, lasted several months and ended with a real drama: Jonas informed her by telephone about the desire to part with Swift. After the break, the singer wrote two songs about this – ‘Forever and Always’ and ‘Last Kiss’. After that, the dedication of songs to former lovers became a habit with Taylor Swift.


In 2009, Taylor began dating musician John Mayer. It was impossible to reckon that their relationship would last long: all of Mayer’s romances were very short, and among his ex-lovers were Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. Three months of relationship resulted in the song ‘Dear John’. Mayer didn’t like the track at all: according to him, this is the worst song he has ever heard.


The same year, Taylor met the star of the Twilight saga and her namesake Taylor Lautner. The singer and actor starred together in the film Valentine’s Day, broke up at the end of 2009, and were able to maintain a friendly relationship. Swift dedicated the song ‘Back to December’ to him.


In 2010, Swift met Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor’s friends said that he was crazy about Taylor, but the age difference of 8 years did not allow the couple to build a harmonious relationship. The song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is thought to be about him.


Swift also had a short romance with the star of the TV series Glee, Cory Monteith. When their relationship began, Cory was already filming a television musical, and, according to media reports, it was the constant shooting that caused Taylor and Corey to break up.


Among the men whom Taylor Swift managed to conquer was Connor Kennedy. The romance lasted for four months, and the cause of the break up was the complex work schedules of both, because of which they had not seen each other for a month.


‘Style’ and ‘Out Of The Woods’ are songs that Taylor Swift dedicated to Harry Styles, a former member of One Direction. Their relationship was very stormy: during the two months of the romance, they managed to part and got back together several times.

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Swift had the longest relationship with DJ Calvin Harris: the musicians had been together for 15 months. According to sources close to Taylor, they broke up because Harris wanted to go public, but the singer insisted on greater privacy.


Almost immediately after breaking up with Harris, Taylor began dating Tom Hiddleston. Their relationship developed rapidly: after a couple of weeks, they introduced each other to their parents, and then went on a trip to Italy. Three months later, the couple broke up – they decided to remain friends.


This man is her current boyfriend. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn didn’t start dating until the fall of 2016, but she reveals in her new song, ‘Cruel Summer’, that she was falling for him the entire summer before that — which is when she was in a highly-publicised romance with Tom Hiddleston!

To sum up

Taylor Swift conquered the musical world with honest compositions. The popular singer drew inspiration from her personal life, or rather from all of her romances.

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