By Adam Ross

Single, Out follows Adam (Will Hutchins), whose life is irrevocably changed after his first sexual experience. His life becomes a difficult balancing act as he struggles to find an equilibrium between his work, his art, and his new identity.

Alongside Will Hutchins, the series stars Jake Hyde,  Steven Christou, Ryan Stewart, Adam Mountain, and Jaive Arlee. All six episodes of the series were shot on location in Melbourne, with Galea (Monster Pies, The Neon Spectrum) acting as writer, producer, and director.

The premiere will see the entire first season aired, with Galea in attendance. Galea will be joined by stars Hutchins and Steven Christou for a post-screening Q&A.

The screening coincides with Sydney WorldPride 2023 and will play alongside a collection of LGBTQ+ films selected by Dendy Newtown.

Tickets are available here.