Latest Vid From the RackaRacka

November 3, 2016
YouTube superstars currently working on their first feature film produce video for energy drink.

In mainstream filmmaking circles the names Danny and Michael Philippou, or as they’re more popularly known, the RackaRacka, would be met with a blank stare. However, in the world of YouTube they are bonafide superstars, with 3+million subscribers to their channel, and 30+million views for many of their videos. Up till now they describe themselves as ‘Wannabe Film-makers on a rampage!’


Which is about right, as these South Australia-based twins have paved their own path through making extremely violent pop culture mash-ups that have been embraced by millions, including George Lucas, who didn’t mind them taking the piss out of his precious franchise! Even Ronald McDonald doesn’t seem to mind them portraying as a savage, murdering psychopath – many of their videos on YouTube have pre-roll ads for Maccas.


The Philippous have also received development funding from Screen Australia to develop their first feature film as directors, Concrete Kings, a coming-of-age story about a bunch of 14-year-old skaters who take on a gang of older kids, and promises to climax with a kick-arse action sequence. The film is to be produced by Triptych Pictures (The Babadook, Lucky Country, Boxing Day), which also worked with the brothers on the recent Screen Australia funded web series, Versus. Graeme Mason, CEO at Screen Australia, certainly has their back. “If I were a distributor today, I’d be making short, edgy, info-based comedy with 16-30 year olds” Mason said on Screen Australia’s The Screen Blog. “Comedy is something we all relate to. It’s how we like to think of ourselves. We’re quick to laugh and it’s a way to be inclusive and included.”


And hot off the presses, V Energy drink commissioned the brothers to come up with a video as part of their V Skills campaign targeting millennials. Check it out to see what the future of Australian filmmaking may look like.



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