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March 17, 2020
Young writer/director Zane Borg has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise post-production finance for his debut feature film, The Library Boys.

FilmInk first met Zane Borg back in 2016 when he was just seventeen-years-old. He was with his dad at The Capricorn Film Festival in central Queensland to present his short film Phantasm, a simple, strongly performed two-hander, in which a young man speaks to an older woman, leading to a heartbreaking twist. The film boasted a surprising maturity and sensitivity for a director so young. Even more incredible? According to Borg, he had shot and virtually locked the edit for a version of the film, when his computer was stolen, forcing him to remake the whole thing, which he said ultimately made for a better end product.

Now 22-years-old, Zane Borg has graduated into the world of feature filmmaking with The Library Boys. “The film is an autobiographical story about my own experiences in high school that I put to paper when I was 19,” Borg tells FilmInk. “As a 21-year-old film school dropout, it became my first feature length film, a challenge also taken on by most of our young cast. It was an entirely self-financed production, shot around my childhood home in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, with the support of our community, friends and family. We had shared a common goal of creating an honest portrayal of Australian adolescence that we felt was lacking in cinema.”

The Library Boys crew.

Cast with young players, The Library Boys follows teens Zane, James and Mitch as they meet head-on the challenges of their final year of high school. Against-the-grain bad boy Zane becomes obsessed with Becca, the new girl at school. The more laidback James is being leaned on by Beth, his long term girlfriend, who wants him to take a little responsibility over his life. And in true teen film style, Mitch is just trying to lose his virginity, and in the process becomes involved with Tilly, the most popular girl in school. “It’s not just another teen movie,” says Borg. “That was our goal from the start. We didn’t want two dimensional characters. No jocks and cheerleaders. No females as sex objects. No thirty-year-olds playing fourteen-year-olds. If it wasn’t truthful, it didn’t go in the film.”

So, where are The Library Boys right now? The film has been shot, and Zane Borg and his crew now need $15,000 to complete the film’s post-production process. “We believe that there’s a market for this film in the same audiences who accepted films like Dazed And Confused, Booksmart and Superbad into their arms,” the filmmaker says. “Our goal is to create the best possible film that appeals to this audience.” A Kickstarter campaign has been launched, and judging by Zane Borg’s work on his short film Phantasm, we think that The Library Boys could very well be something special.

For many more details, and to contribute to the post-production of The Library Boys, head over to Kickstarter.   

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