by Abhi Parasher

Cameras are rolling on new Australian horror film Puzzle Box from writer/director Jack Dignan. The film stars Kaitlyn Boyé (The Furies), Laneikka Denne, Cassandre Girard, Janelle McMenamin and Matias Klaver.

With a background in visual effects, Dignam’s previous film, debut feature After She Died, was a stylistic horror about personality transference, which performed particularly well overseas.

Dignan’s new film, Puzzle Box is a found-footage horror, following a struggling drug addict, Kait (Kaitlyn Boyé, left below), and her younger sister, Olivia (Laneikka Denne, right, below).

Running from a recent violent incident in her past and not wanting to return to rehab, Kait flees to a remote house in the woods to self-rehabilitate, where Olivia joins her to document the process. But they quickly find that the house isn’t what it seems, and the internal layout is constantly changing, trapping them in an inescapable puzzle box. As they attempt to solve the mystery and find a way out, they discover there are far worse things in this house to be afraid of…

Puzzle Box is produced by Jack Dignan and Morgan Wright.