Is a Familiar Face Appearing in Blade Runner 2049 via CGI?

January 4, 2017
Rumour has it an old model Replicant will be cropping of in Denis Villeneuve's sequel.

Probably worth a pinch of salt, but considering the kind of digital work we’ve seen in Rogue One and Captain America: Civil War, certainly not outside the realms of possibility: a model of Replicant first seen in the ’82 Blade Runner may be returning in Blade Runner 2049, due out later this year.

This comes from the site The Terminator Fans, who credit it to your friend and ours, “… a source close to the production…”. Specifically, they allege, “…the power of CGI will bring a Replicant character from the cult 1982 film back for the theatrical Blade Runner sequel.”, going on to say that. “The digital CG Replicant character’s appearance in the movie will be at least 10 shots of film or more, so it won’t be a blink of the eye cameo.”

So, who could it be? Our money would be on Rachel (Sean Young), pottering around the abandoned hotel with Deckard, but it could be any of Zhora (Joanna Cassidy), Priss (Daryl Hannah), Roy (Rutger Hauer) or Leon (Brion James), or at least a clone-sibling, seeing as all those characters are as dead as Dillinger. It’s always nice to see Rutger, though, even if he’s just made of pixels.

More speculation as it occurs to us.

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