Green Room Announces First Round Winners

October 16, 2017
Animation and non-fiction works the winners in first funding round of the Green Room Filmmaker Fund.

The results are in from the first round of funding from the Green Room Filmmaker Fund which sees an animation space exploration piece and non-fiction works recipients of funding support after submission of more than 400 entries.

According to the organisers, all existing entries that were not successful in their funding applications this round need not lose hope, as they will be automatically considered in the next round which opens Friday October 18th, 2017.

“We’d like to congratulate all Green Room members new and old, who participated in this first funding round. Our long-term ambition is to offer funding support to all of our members all-year round and we are working towards that. In the meantime, we hope they make good use of their presence on the Green Room network by developing their projects and expanding their professional networks,” say founders Peter Lord and Kosta Nikas.

The organisers also noted that this round was dominated by non-fiction works and hope to shift attention in the next round to narrative fiction and help filmmakers manifest their creativity.

The winning projects certainly have common characteristics: courage, passion and pushing boundaries in their pursuit for either truth, empowerment or just plain old wonder at the amazing world we live in.

The winning recipients for the first funding round are as follows:

Showgirls of Pakistan

Showgirls of Pakistan is a portrait of vulnerability, courage, rage and abjection as authentic working class dancers walk a social and psychological tightrope in a patriarchal culture morbidly fixated on female purity. “This grant comes at a very critical time for our film where we are preparing a rough cut to take to the international market. As risk-taking filmmakers from Pakistan, telling stories that aim to subvert and challenge mainstream stereotypes of the Muslim world, as well as spark discussion of taboo topics within our communities, access to a community like the Green Room and direct support from the Green Room Filmmakers Fund is heartening. We are pleased to have our project juried by such an esteemed panel of professionals and hope to continue to harness the Green Room community as we finish our project and plan its release and outreach strategies.” – Anam Abbas (Pakistan)

SHAKI: The Galileo of Anthropology       

Historical anthropological doco on the filmmaker’s surviving grandfather Napoleon Chagnon, who was accused – along with geneticist James Neel – by Patrick Tierney, the author of Darkness in El Dorado of conducting human research without regard for their subjects’ well-being during long-term ethnographic field work among the indigenous Yanomamö tribe in the Amazon. After several inquiries both men were vindicated. “I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the Green Room Filmmaker Fund. This award will enable me to get back into the editing suite, so that I can be one step closer to sharing not only my grandfather’s story, but also the story of the Yanomamö tribe to the world.” – Caitlin Machak (USA)

In Saturn’s Rings  

A large format movie about Saturn made exclusively from real photographs taken by spacecraft. Stephen van Vuuren used more than 7.5 million photographs and numerous film techniques. The film relies primarily on photographs of Saturn and its moons, taken by the Cassini-Huygens probe. A large number of other sources were also used. Many of these images of stars and galaxies were taken from camera locations much closer to Earth, during the manned Apollo missions and by the unmanned Hubble Space Telescope. These images “set the stage” during the film’s opening sequences, before the viewer approaches Saturn.

“I’m very thrilled and honored to have the Green Room recognise In Saturn’s Rings. The Green Room is the first official organisation that has recognised and funded the film, validating the 100+ volunteers and 20,000 social media followers that have brought this film nearly to completion over the last 10+ years. Due to the outside the lines, ground-breaking nature of our project, traditional film fund sources have ruled the film not eligible due to genre/length or other rules. Having The Green Room support the film in such a strong fashion highlights their game changing mission to directly help and support innovative filmmakers. “ – Stephen van Vuuren. (USA)


A story 10 years in the making, I Am Belmaya is a feature-length documentary by Sue Carpenter about a remarkable young woman’s life-changing journey into filmmaking in Nepal, who manages through the simple act of taking up a movie camera, to take charge of her story – and her life. “It comes at an opportune moment to help fund my final production trip to Nepal, to shoot Belmaya presenting her films at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival – which will form the grand finale of my documentary. The Green Room is my first Film Fund award, but now the door is open, I feel confident that more money will flow in, allowing me to get Belmaya’s powerful story out into the world.” – Sue Carpenter (UK/Nepal)




  1. Mark Farmer

    Congratulations Sue
    Your years of hard work in bringing awareness to this important subject matter with such beauty and truth make you and the team worthy winners. Today the shortlist, tomorrow…….?

  2. A non

    Just curious, how can you be considered if the app doesn’t physically work? A number of friends and I would like to submit but the app gives us errors.

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