By Travis Johnson

The sixth Graphic takes place at the Sydney Opera House this November 4 and 5, celebrating all that is great and good in animation, cartooning and music. This year marks the debut (and given his dislike of public appearances, probably last) appearance of Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, Futurama and Life in Hell. Groening will present Secrets of the Simpsons, Plus a Couple of Milhouse Fun Facts, which is self explanatory, plus team up with Lynda Barry for Love, Hate & Comics: The Friendship That Would Not Die.

Mastermind of The Sandman and American Gods, Neil Gaiman, will appear via satellite for his Australian fans, plus there will be free screenings of two episodes of Likely Stories, and Gaiman doco, Dream Dangerously.

Other guests this year include Brandon Graham, Michael Leunig, and First Dog on the Moon.

Special screenings this year include George Lucas’s THX-1138, with a live score by Asian Dub Foundation, and retrospectives of work by Alan Moore and Moebius.

Pre-sale for Graphic 2016 starts on Wednesday, September 14, at 12 noon AEST. For more info, hit the official site.




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