Why Good Movies Are Beneficial to Students

February 12, 2020
College students are always engrossed in their studying. What they are told is that they should maintain good academic performance and graduate with a high GPA. Their focus is to complete the assignments issued, attend classes, and study for the college exams.

Because of the pressure associated with learning, it is common to encounter stressed students. Some students indulge in unhealthy activities to deal with the challenges of education. For instance, some think that the best way to escape their frustrations in college is to drink alcohol. However, this does not end well.

When it comes to movies as a way of relaxation and learning, most parents think that it acts as a distraction and prevents the students from performing well. This is because the parents view movies only as a means of entertainment. Others feel that the films might make their students distracted, thus preventing them from doing any meaningful work.

The main question then becomes, “Do films offer any academic benefits to the students?” Here are the reasons students should be allowed to watch movies.

Make Students Aware of the Important Societal Issues

Movies are based on different themes. For example, some are written to educate people on the issues that affect women in the society. Some highlight things such as racism and the development of different economies.

When students watch such pieces, they are more enlightened about these societal issues. As they grow, they can work on the solutions for the problems that affect the community. For instance, someone who watches a movie on the effects of pollution on marine life may work on measures that could be used to curb this problem. In such a case, it is safe to say that the movie has worked for the betterment of the nation.

Additionally, movies are created by people. As students watch them, they learn to appreciate the creativity of the creators and the actors. That way, they learn how to live with people and acknowledge their points of view on issues.

Acts as Inspiration for Students to Do Better in Life

Most students do not have the motivation to study. They think they are not good enough and may not make it in life. In such situations, a student needs something to act as a trigger to become an expert essay writer.

It is in such situations that motivational and inspirational movies come in. For instance, you can watch a movie on someone who was previously not acknowledged in a society and then transformed into a hero that everyone wanted to associate with. That makes any student view life differently. They can now work on strategies that could help them move in the right direction.

However, you should be cautious as to the type of movies you choose. It is not all of them that give you positive energy. Some make people feel even worse about themselves. What is the best way to choose a movie?

  • Do your research on what is available
  • Read movie reviews
  • Ask your friends about what they like

It Is a Healthy Way of Relieving Stress

Many things make students depressed. They include the pressure to perform well in class, inability to raise adequate finances to help them learn comfortably, and problems in their relationships. Some opt for unhealthy ways to deal with these stressors, such as taking drugs.

An excellent movie can go a long way in dealing with stress. For instance, it makes your brain calm and helps you forget the issues that make you stressed. Therefore, your mind becomes healthier, making you better.

Improves Brain Performance and Concept Understanding

To understand the content, you should read it repetitively. However, that also leads to boredom. To ensure that students understand things better, teachers can use movies. The performances in these films create a lasting impression in the minds of the students. At the time of writing the exam papers, students find it easy to recall the things they watched in the movie in question.

Moreover, students should not just be tied down with physical papers. There is a need to use different learning methods. The use of movies makes the students more entertained and makes them interested in the subject.

The Bottom Line

It is safe to say that movies are important resources in learning that teachers, parents, and students should not ignore. However, they should be cautious when choosing the movie to watch.

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