Four New Art Bites Projects Get Funded

July 14, 2017
More Australian arts docos are heading our way.

Four projects from emerging director and producer teams have been tapped by ABC Arts and Screen Australia for funding and inclusion in the second year of the Art Bites initiative. Each team will make a six episode, five minute documentary web series to for the  ABC iview Arts channel, set to premiere in 2018. Each project is receiving direct investment of $60,000.

The four series are:

Carla and Lisa’s Countdown of Australian Art (NSW). Twin visual artists Carla and Lisa gain unprecedented access to the archives of the Art Gallery of NSW, and share a lifetime of treasured anecdotes. Directed by Ludwig El Haddad, produced by Barry Gamba.

Lessons from a Middle Class Artist (SA). Struggling musician Anthony Frith goes to the US to meet successful novelty song composer Matt Farley and learn how to make a living from his art. Directed by Frith (The Worst Alien in the World), produced by Rebecca Elliott (Michelle’s Story, The Worst Alien in the World).

Mirror Mirror (QLD). Six prominent Australian artists will be enlisted to create an honest and intimate self-portrait that explores their sense of identity. Directed by Brodie Poole, produced by Kate Paul.

Unboxed (SA). Filmmaker and Trans Rights Advocate Sam Matthews meets with other trans and gender diverse artists to explore the role artistic expression has played in their lives. Directed by Matthews, produced by Kirsty Stark (Wastelander Panda) and Rebecca Elliott.

Mandy Chang, ‎Head of Arts at ABC TV, said “The Art Bites initiative was a great success for the ABC Arts Channel on iview, attracting very positive feedback across the four series. In response to this, we’ll broadcast a compilation of some series on the main channel in July/August. Apart from unearthing talented new directors and producers, the initiative created a unique opportunity to tell stories that resonate with younger audiences on a digital platform. This year we hope to match the success of series one with a new slate of filmmakers with diverse and innovative approaches and subjects. We look forward to building on a strong working partnership with Screen Australia and mentors at Felix Media to develop this exciting second series of Art Bites.”


Image: Lessons From A Middle Class Artist, Photo by Chiara Frith.

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