Have Four Minutes of Magic with the New Dance Short, Nulla

July 6, 2018
"...a carefully constructed study of movement, with a crescendo of tension and energy being unleashed..."

A collaboration between New York-based director Jean Claude Billmaier and choreographer Loni Landon, Nulla sets dancer Evan Copeland loose in a hotel room to the strains of Nigerian artist Toulouse’s original score, with powerful results.

The work is a study of tension and release, “…visually expressing the daily struggle of the everyday person in winding down and resetting one’s energy levels back to zero. Tension is portrayed as having a life of its own; it slowly makes itself known, settles and then returns as a disruptive force seeking to be released.”

“Emotions such as anxiety, stress and anger are often portrayed as negative forces trapped within ourselves,” Billmaier says. “With Nulla I wanted to create a place in which all our tensions are released, with the process itself being something ecstatic and gratifying. It’s the release, and finally being able to breathe, that we should be focusing on.”

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