Duncan Jones is Working on a Rogue Trooper Movie

July 16, 2018
For most of you that means nothing, but a few of you will be losing your goddamn minds.

Director Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft, Mute) earlier today posted a video to Twitter teasing his next film project, and if you’re a fan of British sci-fi comic 2000AD, you might want to put down some newspaper or something.

….a lot of you will be scratching your heads right now, but this is a deep nerd dog whistle. That blue mohawk screams Rogue Trooper, a science fiction war series that first appeared in 2000 AD in 1981. Check him out:

Among a certain stripe of fan (including this writer), Why Aren’t There More 2000 AD Movies? has been a fairly regular topic of conversation, ramping up in frequency in the age of the cinematic superhero as seemingly every four colour property got into development, while 2000 AD fans had to contend themselves with 1995’s Judge Dredd, 2012’s much-loved Dredd, and the odd passionate fan film. It’s all been rather frustrating – as an anthology series, 2000 AD has a remarkably deep bench of diverse and downright weird characters, and creators such as Alan Moore (Watchmen), Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Kingsman), Garth Ennis (Preacher), Neil Gaiman (American Gods), and Grant Morrison (every bloody thing) have all served a tenure there.

As for Rogue Trooper itself, the series follows the exploits of the titular blue-skinned biologically engineered “Genetic Infantryman” or G.I., serving in a long-running war on the planet Nu-Earth. After his entire unit is massacred he goes rogue (get it?) to hunt down the traitor general who betrayed his men. In a neat wrinkle, Rogue carries with him three bio-chips – computer chips containing the personalities and memories of three of his fallen comrades, who can dispense advice and keep up a running Greek chorus on his adventures.

This is zarjaz news, team. Not only is Rogue Trooper a rock-solid basis for a feature film, but the idea that we’ll be getting more 2000 AD movies down the track – in addition to the already-announced Mega City One series – gives us the vapours. Got a favourite strip you’d like to see movie-ised? Sound off in the comments.


  1. Tim Bradshaw

    Button Man is absolutely screaming for an adaptation. Likewise, Finn.
    Zenith could be a great prestige TV series.
    Luke Kirby, maybe, although Harry Potter comparisons are inevitable.
    And, obviously, ABC Warriors. We already saw a decent-looking Hammerstein in the ’95 Judge Dredd, so it’s no stretch to think the whole crew could be brought to life on screen by now.

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