Duncan Jones Wants to Do a 2000 AD Movie

March 20, 2017
Hell yes.

In the age of the super hero franchise it’s kind of baffling that Britain’s most famous comic, 2000 AD, hasn’t been thoroughly strip-mined for IP. While Marvel goes from strength to strength and DC just keeps on swinging like the little slugger it is, the self-proclaimed Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, now in its 40th year, has largely escaped the sometimes unkind caress of cinematic adaptation. We’ve had two Judge Dredd movies – one awesome, one less so – a couple of impressive fan edits, and that’s it.

Well, Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Warcraft, would like to change that, judging by this tweet:

This is, indeed, Good News.

For the uninitiated, 2000 AD is a science fiction anthology comic with a satirical, anti-authoritarian streak a mile ride. It’s one of those weird pop culture objects that is largely unknown outside of its fandom, but fiercely loved by its devotees. Fascist future cop Judge Dredd is their most visible icon, but over the years the mag has hosted countless weird and wonderful series, from future war saga Rogue Trooper (which Sam Worthington was developing at one point), to comedic detective series Sam Slade: Robo-Hunter, to Celtic barbarian hero Slaine, and on and on. It also served – and continues to serve – as a training ground for top British comics and literary talent – Neil Gaiman (American Gods), Alan Moore (Watchmen), Grant Morrison (pretty much everything), Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (Guardians of the Galaxy) and more all cut their teeth there.

A director of Jones’ calibre publicly expressing a keen interest in adapting a 2000 AD property – he went on to state that “I would consider just about anything 2000AD related. (I have my favs, though.) ;)” and admitted “One of the first scripts I wrote was for Rogue” – is a hell of a thing, and this kind of public lobbying has yielded positive results in the past. After all, we literally would not have a Deadpool movie if someone hadn’t leaked the test footage and worked the fanboys up into a lather. Whether anything comes of it is another thing – let us not forget that Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman trying to whup up enthusiasm for a third Hellboy amounted to little.

Still, we can hope. And if we have a say in this, we’d love to see a Strontium Dog movie, Dunc. Check out this fan trailer while we dream of a better, more Zarjaz future:


  1. James Stoddart

    Well, I certainly look forward to anything Mr Jones creates and if it’s going to be a 2000AD related item even more so. A Rogue Trooper Movie would be a visual and topical treat and Duncan hints he’s got some script ideas down already.

  2. Andrew Pandy

    In today’s environment of driverless cars, car parking, taxis… I would love to see an ABC warriors/Ro-busters epic. Loads of CGI could reproduce characters faithfully with no need for pesky human actors.
    Sam Slade, robo hunter., would be another. Wolverine actor would be a good shoe in and the opportunity for some scenes of epic proportions with hordes of bad robots.
    Personally, I think any sci-fi film endeavour featuring a 2000AD character would have to be visually stunning in terms of scale. A trailer of thousands upon thousands of military looking droids spilling over the screen would surely capture the imagination of young and old. A single character such as Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog or Nemesis were all fantastic but (or Slaine) they all have a history which if omitted would make for another Dredd-ful turkey.

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