Del Kathryn Barton’s BLAZE starring Simon Baker and Yael Stone wraps in Sydney

November 5, 2020
The award winning artist's feature directorial debut is a cathartic tale utilising live action, VFX and animation.

“Words cannot express how excited I am to have grown (over many years) my studio practice into long-format filmmaking,” said writer/director Del Kathryn Barton, who has famously won the Archibald twice, most recently in 2013 with a portrait of Hugo Weaving. “After a not-for-the-faint-hearted three-year writing and development journey with my extraordinary producer Sam Jennings from Causeway Films we are finally WRAPPED! Working tirelessly with such talented collaborators has been exhilarating!”

No Hugo Weaving in the cast of Blaze, however, the film has attracted A-listers Simon Baker and Yael Stone, and newcomer Julia Savage in the title role. Supporting cast includes Morgan Davies (Stormboy), Bernie Van Tiel (Jade of Death), Remy Hii (Marco Polo), John Waters (Offspring), Heather Mitchell (Rogue) and Rebecca Massey (Utopia).

BLAZE is about a young girl, who witnesses a violent attack, which leaves her catatonic with shock. She retreats into an imaginary world, where she a magic dragon allows her to rage and to find renewal. According to a press release, ‘BLAZE is a celebration of the power of the imagination and our ability to face the pervasiveness of violence against women yet live without fear.’


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