Dane Millerd: The Films That Changed My Life

May 29, 2017
With two films currently in the works, the indie genre filmmaker tells us about the films that have inspired him.

Dane Millerd’s first film, There’s Something in the Pilliga, transcended its budgetary limitations and went on to play in cinemas around Australia. If anything, it has opened the door for Millerd to continue making films, which he’s currently doing with gusto.

Currently in the editing room finishing off Death’s Waiting Room – a fright flick about an English backpacker offered a job as a maid at a haunted mansion, the film’s cast features Roger Ward (pictured with Dane Millerd), Brendan Byrne and singer Roshani Priddis – Millerd is also in pre on Are You Scared Yet?, a clown based horror with backing from the US, which has already attached genre mainstays Doug Hutchison, Bill Moseley, Roger Ward, and Sean Patrick Flaherty, plus Jason Turbin (Ouija: Origin of Evil) on scoring duties.

Dane Millerd freely admits that not surprisingly, the films that changed his life feature “dark, controversial and confronting subject matter.”


Visually stunning but what captivated me equally as much was the use of music. Kubrick has long been recognised as one of the pioneers of effective song selection and soundtrack choice in his films and this movie is a great example.


This Rolf De Heer cult classic showed me one thing and that was that as a filmmaker nothing is impossible. Unique in every way and it still resonates just as strongly with me today as it did two decades ago.


The original was great because it proved that you don’t need a huge budget to make an effective scary film, and this plausible take on the babysitter-in-trouble theme still works.


As an avid ‘Bushie’ myself I’m yet to see a camping adventure film that comes close. The visuals and acting are top shelf.


Low-fi and a compelling story. This film’s greatest strength was the story and proves if you don’t have a good script you have nothing.


HONOURABLE MENTIONS: No Country for Old Men, Wake in Fright, Full Metal Jacket.

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