Is The Conor McGregor Film A Sign Of Things To Come In The Film Industry?

November 17, 2017
Trillions of people around the world love sport and not only do they love the sport itself, but they also love the sportsmen and women who they see regularly on tv or at live events competing.

Be it footballers, golfers, boxers or UFC stars; there’s never been more of a desire to get to know a sporting hero or great better than ever before. In some ways, social media and general advances within the press have helped better connect fans to their sporting favourites.

One man who has certainly grabbed the attention of people is Conor McGregor. The UFC star is a real showman who knows how to work the media, as well as being very good in the octagon. It’s his backstory that has seen him build a strong following and led to a film about his life being produced. In McGregor’s case, Notorious tells the rags to riches story that has seen the Irishman literally take not only the UFC world, but the sporting world in general, by storm.

You’d say it’s certainly a sign of things to come in the film industry. Social media allows people to learn more about their sporting heroes. Some people may be unaware of McGregor’s life story but by watching Notorious: Conor McGregor, which the Irishman also helped to produce, they’ll certainly know everything there is to know about the UFC superstar and his rise to fame. It’s a way to give fans even more access to their favourite sporting personalities in a way that suits the modern era, with autobiographies in book form for example on the decline. This use of social media is a trend that has established sports betting brands, like Unibet getting in on the act; and with its proven success in attracting a captive audience, this marketing strategy will endure.

So you could say films such as Notorious: Conor McGregor are autobiographies but in video form. It’s through video and images that people tend to communicate these days and this is certainly a more appealing way for people to find out everything they will ever need to know about their sporting heroes. On the back of the Conor McGregor movie, which in sports betting terms, will no doubt prove to be a ‘dead cert’ and be a huge hit; people should certainly expect to see other films made in the same format. Filmmakers will definitely be looking to produce similar productions should Notorious be as successful as anticipated.

We’ve already seen films based on the lives of sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali and Ayrton Senna, but the McGregor documentary will provide a modern look at his life and this is a format that may be adopted going forward. There are plenty of other sports stars out there, both past and present, who have always managed to capture the attention of the public. One of those is McGregor’s last opponent, the first inside a boxing ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr. As one of the greatest boxers of all time and of this generation, he’s an ideal sportsman and person to base a film on.

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