Civil War Directors Bring The Warriors to TV

July 7, 2016
Can you dig it?

Having made their mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, director brothers Joe and Anthony Russo are planning to adapt Walter Hill’s classic 1979 gang-on-the-run movie, The Warriors, as an ongoing one hour drama for Paramount TV and Hulu. The pair will write and direct the pilot, teaming with writer Frank Baldwin.

This is not the first time an update of The Warriors has been mooted. the late Tony Scott circled the project for years, envisioning a modern, more grounded retelling set in Los Angeles. Based on sol Yurick’s 1975 novel, Hill’s original saw the titular street gang forced to battle their way across a benighted New York City after they were framed for the murder of a messianic gang leader. A potent mix of the cartoonish and the gritty, it’s a stone cold classic that still stands up today. Whether the Russos’ remix will do it justice remains to be seen, but all signs look good right now – as long as they remember to include the Baseball Furies.



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