CHiPs: Chatting with the Stars

April 4, 2017
The critical consensus is dire for Dax Shepard’s latest outing in the director’s chair, but before the reviews were in, we sat down with him and co-star Michael Pena.


Michael Pena: I remember in my house the TV series was an event, my mom would cook dinner a little bit early, it was like a ceremony to watch it. My mom loved Erik Estrada, like ‘calm down a little bit, don’t be so excited.’

Dax Shepard: It was really fun when Erik got there [Estrada has a cameo in the film]. We were shooting in Palmdale [California], which was cold as hell, and I was like, ‘oh, he’s going to be so mad he had to drive up here to do this’, but he was just in a great mood, really excited, he’s a star!

MP: I mean, he’s Erik Estrada.

DS: Within five minutes of talking to him, we were like, ‘oh yeah, that’s why this guy was a huge star.’

MP: He’s still got a great smile, and a lot of hair.

DS: Oh yeah, very envious.



DS: Starsky & Hutch went the parody route, and we were going the Bad Boys/Lethal Weapon route. I think there’s two ways to skin that cat, and the previous versions the studio had developed of CHiPs were parodies. This was the first time that someone had written a script that was taking itself seriously.

MP: I think it is ultimately a bromance, it was written that way, but it also kind of mirrored real life, because we didn’t really know each other, and by the end of it, I was like, ‘oh, I got a new friend, that’s cool.’ And I was quite happy, actually, a couple of times, I showed up to his house, kind of unannounced and uninvited, just with my kid.

DS: We worked out together.

MP: Like, ‘oh, what are you guys doing, just chilling?’ And they had to leave somewhere. I don’t know if they really had to leave, or if they were – but they’re just kind of stuck with me now.



DS: I would love to remake The Fall Guy: stunt man, private investigator, he had a cool brown truck that he jumped all the time. I would like to do that, and Starsky and Hutch, they’re badass cops, I’d like to see the badass version.

MP: I think of Knight Rider, set in the future, and what was that movie that Tom Hardy was in that George Miller directed?

DS: Fury Road.

MP: Mad Max. Not as far down, not as much into the future as that, but maybe a kind of Blade Runner-esque – especially with the cars that drive themselves. It would be really cool to have a car where it’s your partner, like I think that would be really, really cool.

DS: And I’ll do the voice of the car.

MP: Or Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman dude!
CHiPs is in cinemas April 6, 2017

Our review is here.

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