Check Out the First Ep of the Raunchy New Web Series, How to F*** a French Woman

May 14, 2018
It does what it says on the tin.

How to F*** a French Woman – that’s a title that’s difficult to forget. The new Australian short comedy-drama web series follows the exploits of two flatmates, one French, the other Australian, and explores the differences between French and Australian dating cultures.

Or, as the official synopsis says, “Julie and Chelsea are flatmates, and they are… different! Together they will fumble through the sexual and dating norms in Australia. Julie (Mathilde Anglade)  is a French girl who works in sales – she gets really excited about things and exaggerates everything. However, she has no idea how things work in Australia. Chelsea (Sonia Hamdard) is an Aussie Uber driver who knits prosthetics boobs for cancer patients in her spare time. The two live together in an apartment that is full of life and colour. Their misunderstanding of each other and curiosity lead them to develop a deep and complementary relationship and to overcome the initial struggle to connect.”

Anglade, who also writes and produces the series, tells us, “The whole project started with me writing random notes in my iPhone – then I put it on paper, sent it to Amy because I knew she’d be the perfect fit for it – she loved it and we made it happen. There wasn’t too much thinking into it at the beginning.

“When I’d tell people that French people don’t date, in the way Aussies and Americans do, they would always freeze, or reply ‘WHAT???’, I thought I’d make a film about it.”

“I made How to F*** a French Woman because I am passionate about giving an opportunity for women to talk about sexuality,” director Amy Corbett explains. “I also wanted to explore cultural differences in something that we all have in common, sex! Sex is universal and yet we all speak a different language.”

Check out the first episode above, and follow along on the official YouTube channel.



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