Bruce Willis Confirmed for Die Hard: Year One

September 28, 2017
It's kind of like The Godfather Part II, except probably terrible.

Bruce Willis will squeeze himself into a dirty singlet once more for Die Hard: Year One, Len Wiseman’s mooted and entirely unnecessary John McClane origin story. The film will reportedly follow two timelines, with the Bruce Willy of today battling terrorists (or thieves pretending to be terrorists, or who really cares), while the Bruce Willy of the ’70s (or possibly early ’80s – reports vary) learns how to be a bad-ass.

Despite the fact that the whole exercise is pointless, history has been kind to Wiseman’s previous entry in the franchise, 2013’s Live Free or Die Hard, aka Die Hard 4.0, largely because the next one along, A Good Day to Die Hard, is completely unwatchable garbage. Still, the very idea of Die Hard Begins flies in the face of the essential everyman appeal of McClane’s character (Then again, so do the last couple of movies, so what do we know?).

The search is now on for an actor to play fresh-faced Johnny McC, which, according to Wiseman, is vital to the “success” of the “movie”. “The right casting for this role is crucial. Those bare feet have some very big shoes to fill.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is right there, my dudes…

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