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January 28, 2021
2021 is considered to be the year of Bitcoin Trading because there are a lot of things that are going to change. Bitcoins are going to take over the crypto currency market completely and everyone who is reading in any other way to currency would shift to bitcoin. There are a lot of reasons why bitcoin is considered to be the most profitable crypto currency that ever existed. However, the price remains the main factor, another supplementary factor why people choose it over other crypto currency.

Nowadays, people are trading in crypto currencies rather than other modes of investments like real estate or forex. A lot of people are using crypto currencies like bitcoin in place of the Fiat currency, which is the old method of reading or doing transactions. Well, there might be some reason why people have liked it far more compared to the Fiat currency existing in their nation. Well, you should know about these reasons and today we are here to tell you about it.

About the bitcoins

Whenever you listen about crypto currency, the first question that is going to strike your mind is nothing else but what is it? It is very essential for you to know about something before entering into trading of that particular thing. The same thing goes with the bitcoins. You should know what is bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency or we can say a crypto currency which exists over the internet world only. If you want to experience a physical existence of bitcoins, you can never experience this. It is because you can trade this only over the internet.

A decade ago, bitcoin was not the most popular cryptocurrency. Also, there were no crypto currency a decade ago. Bitcoin is the first crypto currency ever created and also the first crypto currency which has gone at such a high price. It was created by a Japanese man and the main purpose of creating this crypto currency was to facilitate day to day exchanges. It was created for the common man but now it has been a medium of investment. At first, people started trading it for exchange of goods but as soon as it got recognisation and its price hiked, it was no longer available for daily trading.

User anonymity

When we talk about the bitcoins, you are definitely going to ask the question about why is it so popular. Well, the answer to this question lies in the features of bitcoin. One of the greatest features of bitcoin is that the transactions you are going to do with the bitcoin are completely anonymous. This means that it is not at all necessary for you to reveal your true identity when you are trading in the bitcoin. The only thing that you have to be provided with is the private key of a bitcoin and the code of bitcoin that you are going to trade.

The main reason behind keeping the transaction of bitcoin anonymous is nothing else but the privacy and security. This protection allows the user to maintain his sovereignty and also privacy so that no one can know about who is trading in the bitcoin on the other end. You may not be aware of this thing but there are a lot of people who are trying to hack your information and may use it for malpractices and bitcoin anonymity protects you from this misconduct.

Bitcoin Exchanges

If you are willing to sell your bitcoin or purchase them, where will you go? The answer lies at the crypto currency exchange. If you are trading in bitcoin, your place is going to be the bitcoin exchange where you can get bitcoin in exchange of fiat currencies. There are a lot of crypto currency, or we can see bitcoin exchanges, available across the globe.

Also, these bitcoin exchanges are free of global boundaries and therefore, it is your own choice about on which cryptocurrency exchange you want to sell or purchase your bitcoin. You must take care of the crypto currency exchange that you are going to choose because each one of them is not the best one for you. To find options in exchanges you can go to bitcoinaussiesystems


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