By The Movie Psychic

It’s like a roller coaster this movie. And its so grand! The set-pieces and costumes are absolutely to die for. Bill Condon hasn’t made a sloppy, dated, and self-important nod to a far superior movie from 1991. No, this is way better than it looks in the trailer. The music is fresh and entrancing, it transports us to a far away place, a warm place, where frogs are princess and ugly beasts always get the girl. Kind of like an Adam Sandler movie.

You wouldn’t know it from the trailer, but Beauty And The Beast is full of many wonderful music numbers. When the first song is unexpectedly introduced, you won’t roll your eyes and wish you’d have known that before you bought a ticket, no, the song will grab you immediately and you’ll be hooked right in to the dance routines and spectacle of it all.


And it’s so refreshing to hear those well spoken English accents again. It makes me feel regale, and I immediately understand that the story is very important.

Cinderella was a massive hit for Disney in 2015. And with LucasFilm and Marvel, they’re in desperate need of another. Along comes Beauty And The Beast. It’s a sure thing right? I mean, don’t you remember the music?


You’ll fall in love with Belle all over again, you’ll know there’s good in the Beast, you’ll want him to succeed and have an incredibly sophisticated character arc. And he does. For those who have seen the original Disney movie, there’s a major twist at the end. I don’t want to give it away, but when Belle falls into true love with the Beast, Ryan Gosling makes an appearance.

So many in Hollywood have said audiences are too mature nowadays, and won’t be swept away with such a trite fairy-tale, but they’re wrong. The rose petal sequences are so touching, it’ll send shivers down your spine every time a petal falls. What a journey it is. Wow. Beauty And The Beast will be a massive hit. Well done, Disney.

You’ll love this movie. I give it 8/10. It would be a nine if it wasn’t for the Ryan Gosling cameo. It totally broke the fourth wall for me.


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