Australians’ Attitude Towards Online Gambling!

July 28, 2019
Here's a fun fact! Based on per capita spending, Australians are the world's most prolific gamblers.

Gambling Statistics

In 2016 alone, Australians saw an average of US $990 lost per person; more than any other developed country. To put that in perspective, Singapore came in second at $650 lost per person, followed by Ireland, with losses of $500 per person.

The most popular forms of gambling include lottery-type games like Oz Lotto with at least 30% reported use all over Australia; Poker machines follow at a distant but steep second, with many adults playing the game.

5 Reasons why Online Betting Addictions are Common in Australia

  1. Accessibility

More people are likely to develop an addiction to pokies due to how readily available they are. Along with sports betting, casino games are easy to access throughout Australia.

Poker machines are available on just about any street and take only a few cents to play. Unless you lose control of your gambling appetite, you only suffer minimal losses per session, but it can be easy to develop a habit.

Australians love online gambling and there are hundreds of online casino sites in Australia to meet this need. Aussies who don’t want to use physical machines or walk into a physical casino can hook up to these online gambling platforms. Online casinos offer free bonuses and tons of games for players.

Virtually all gamblers in Australia have tried their hands at Lotto. The tickets, which cost less than $20, are available online and on the streets. With it, you could win thousands or more. Not everyone wins but with tickets everywhere, Aussies are willing to give it a shot.

  1. Well Controlled Industry

The betting industry goes all out to remove scams and promote a healthy betting culture. Since the scams of the 2000s, Australia has developed more stringent gambling regulations.

Now, betting can be enjoyed on any Aussie platform without the threat of scams. Misleading sites are seldom seen, and kids are barred from betting or registering, and winnings are paid promptly.

  1. Multiple ways to Earn Money

Winning in a sports bet is never a given, but people still win. The Aussie bookies make things better with many wagers available per game. In a game of soccer, Aussies can predict the winners, cards, or scorers; and much more!

With many things to bet on, there is plenty of interest to be had, and watching a game can be made more fun. Betting on the number of cards in a game can mean interest for the full duration of the game, even when the winning team was pretty much settled by half time.

Just like other developed countries, Aussies aren’t limited to small wins and short odds. There are huge jackpots in online casinos, and most betting sites run progressive jackpots or multiplier bets. Occasionally, someone wins, and this motivates millions of Australians to try their luck.

  1. Good Marketing

Gambling companies attract Aussie punters through attractive odds and creativity with advertising. In Australia, gambling ads are created in every medium to get Aussies to get online or go out and bet. The risks of gambling must be mentioned in adverts, but with big money available the companies get creative and spend heavily on their marketing efforts.

All through history, gambling companies have shown creativity in attracting Aussies. The pioneering betting companies did a great job of getting Aussies to gamble. The sounds, lights, little wagers, and colourful machines found everywhere are a huge draw to bet. Little wonder there are a lot of movies depicting the Aussies’ love for gambling.

  1. Sporting Culture

Sports have been a major part of Australian culture for over 150 years. Soccer, rugby, tennis, cricket, and football are the most popular. Also, the country frequently hosts major sporting events. An example is the Australian Open by the ATP every January, followed by racing and surfing.

With such a strong love for sports, it makes sense that Aussies would love betting on them. Betting is an all-year-round activity, especially with the government’s relatively liberal approach. Aussies have learned to love betting.

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