Web Series: Little Shits and Giggles!

August 10, 2020
When Hannah Camilleri's Melbourne International Comedy Festival [MICF] show was canned due to Covid, she looked at the half glass full and produced and starred in the web series Little Shits instead.

Little Shits is a 6-part web series about the endlessly problematic world of sharehouses, with a couple (comedian David Quirk and show creator Hannah Camilleri) and another flatty (Jordan Prosser) joined by new tenant (Nat Harris).

Each episode of Little Shits explores conflict and resolution, or lack thereof. It’s reminiscent of the comedy of discomfort – made famous by the likes of Ricky Gervais and Larry David – and required a skilful comedic cast.

“I was looking for actors who were familiar with comedy or comedians who also enjoyed acting – either way the stage element is important to me,” says Camilleri [pictured]. “When you’re in front of an audience you must be sensitive to them, whereas in film you won’t suffer as much if you’re not. David Quirk’s comedy is well-rounded, in that I always feel he’s telling us a funny story without every single line having to be a gag. As seen in his preview MICF show for 2020, Astonishing Obscurity, David works at building a humorous atmosphere where he can can say almost anything and it will be funny. At the time of casting, I was also rehearsing my 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Coming, which is full of characters, with Nat Harris who was making Under The Influence. Nat’s show is full of characters too, so I knew that she enjoyed acting as well as stand-up comedy. After David and Nat, there was one more role to fill. I’d met Jordan briefly a handful of times, but it was when I saw his comedic Melbourne Fringe Festival show that I thought that Jordan’s nuanced performance would translate well to the screen.”

With a grant from the City of Melbourne, and help from filmmaking collective Plex Goldwin (Pat Mooney – Director, Mitch Goldberg – Editor, Thom Neal – Director of Photography; “They make fanciful and refreshing short films exclusively on film so it was a blessing to have them do their professional thing,” according to Camilleri), Little Shits is now in the can, with the first episode online.

Head to https://www.littleshits.com.au/ to stay up to date.



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