by Ronnie Carey

Then, as a member, you will get constant pop-up messages from users who look too good to be true, and that’s another reason why we cannot fully trust it.

TOP 7 Alternatives to Uberhorny

For those contemplating alternatives to UberHorny, a plethora of choices await. Whether you’re inclined towards a casual fling or seeking a deeper connection, myriad dating platforms and applications stand ready to assist in your pursuit. Here’s a list of Alternatives to Uberhorny sites:

*Top 4 best of the best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  1. One night friend 
    Experience the pinnacle of adult connections. Dive into a world of genuine connections and fiery passions.
  2. Adult Friend Finder 
    Unearth genuine friendships and maybe something more. A world where adults come to mingle.
  3. One-night Stand 
    Because sometimes, one unforgettable night is all you need. Dive into the magic of the moment.
  4. Ashley Madison 
    Exclusivity meets discretion. A clandestine haven for those in search of unique connections.

    *Sites with lower ratings.⭐⭐⭐⭐

  5. Benaughty 
    Unleash your wild side. Where being a little naughty is the norm.
  6. Wanna Hookup 
    Connect, engage, relish. A realm where every connection has a potential.
  7. Smoke And Spoke Ignite deep conversations amidst smoky ambience. Let every puff weave a tale, every word spark a connection. Dive into experiences as rich and captivating as the finest smoke.
GOOD ●      Availability of a trial version for little money
BAD ●      Outdated and busy design of the website

●      Constant reminders to purchase a paid membership

●      Seemingly fake messages and profiles

●      The site is basically useless without a paid subscription

SUMMARY We have seen many websites like UberHorny and there is nothing about the service that could make it stand out in a good way. The design of the website could use an upgrade, the constant reminders to purchase a paid account are very distracting, and the never ending flood of fake messages and notifications makes us doubt the authenticity of Uber Horny.

Even if you are no stranger to the world of online dating, you may still be wondering: what is Uber Horny? UberHorney is far from being the most popular website in the adult dating niche, but it still enjoys a fair share of popularity among people looking for casual fun instead of regular romantic relationships. With this review, we aim to answer the most important question: Does Uber Horny work and is it safe to use the website?

Starting from the home page, Uber Horny does not let you get the purpose of the website wrong: it is filled with photos of naked or nearly naked women, so you can instantly know what kind of service it is. However, we found the UberHorny website to lack essential information like when it was founded and what are its main achievements, which we consider to be a drawback.

How it works

You are probably not going to be surprised by the fact that in order to see the women of, first, you need to create an account. This can be done for free and takes about 2 minutes. In addition to the regular questions about your email and age, you will also need to specify what exactly you are looking for on Uber Horny. Once you fill in every field, you can finish creating your account by confirming your email address.

As soon as you are done creating an account, you will see a manifest from Uber Horny claiming that the service is absolutely safe and treats user data with caution and respect. We found this manifest rather odd — if a dating service has to go out of its way to make you trust it, you can’t help but feel a little suspicious.

The claim that the service does not create any fake accounts seemed particularly improbable to us, and as soon as we got more familiar with the website, we understood why. We will explain why this claim feels so ironic in the Safety section of our UberHorny review.

Who can you find there?

The good news about Uber Horny is that most of its members come for the same thing, which means there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding about your intentions between you and the users you like.

You can discover the women of UberHorny in several ways. First of all, right after creating an account, you will be shown a gallery of local members. Send winks to the members you like to get yourself noticed and allow the match algorithm to be more effective when connecting you to the singles of UberHorny.

There are also galleries containing hot members, new members, and online members where you have a good chance of meeting the perfect partner.

If you prefer to make your matches more precise, you can use the search feature, which is available as both Basic and Advanced search. However, as many UberHorny reviews point out, you can only see the results of the search if you have a paid membership, which means that with a free account, this feature is pretty much useless.


Like most adult dating websites, Uber Horny functions on a paid membership basis. With a free account, you cannot do anything other than browse the members or use the search feature. To access the profiles of women, participate in chats, and exchange photos, you will need to buy a Gold membership.

If you want to just give UberHorny a quick look, you can opt for a 2-day trial. If your intentions are more serious than that, you can pay for a whole year to save money on the price per month.

There is also an interesting feature called 3-Month Guarantee. With this feature, you will be given an additional 3-month membership if you don’t score a single hookup in your time on the website. However, there is a whole string of conditions you need to meet in order to be eligible for this feature.


Safety is always a big concern with dating website, and it’s especially true for adult dating. You share some pretty sensitive information and photos with your chat partners, so the last thing you want to happen is for your data to be misused. With frequent mentions of UberHorny scam in user testimonials, we felt obligated to investigate it further.

Our research showed that there are no obvious signs of a scam, but the service is not that innocent either. Starting from the moment we created our account, we started receiving messages from female profiles claiming they like us and want to get to know us better. However, given that we have not uploaded a single photo or filled in any information about ourselves, these messages did not look genuine at all.

What’s even more telling is that when you attempt to view the profile of the woman who sent you the message, you get redirected to the membership buying page, so it all may be just a way to make you buy that membership. So is UberHorny legit? While it is possible that you will find success there, we cannot call the service absolutely legit.


What is UberHorny?

UberHorny is an adult dating site for those who seek hookup and affair opportunities instead of long-term dating partners.

Who can you find there?

Most of the users on UberHorny clearly understand the casual nature of the site. They are men and women from 25 to 50 years of age.

How much does UberHorny cost?

UberHorny offers one type of paid membership that will cost you from a little over $1 for a two-day trial to $100 for 12 months.

Is UberHorny a scam?

There is not enough evidence to call UberHorny an outright scam, but the overall atmosphere of the site and the prevalence of fake users and messages certainly doesn’t look good.

Who owns UberHorny?

UberHorny is owned and operated by Worldwide Connect Partners, LLC, a company behind several other adult dating services with a similar design and functionality.

Does UberHorny have a mobile app?

No, there is no UberHorny app you can download to your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll have to use the mobile browser version of the site instead.

How do I delete my UberHorny account?

If you want to stop being an UberHorny user altogether, you can go to your Account Settings and go to an option called Make My Profile Inactive. Confirm your decision and save the changes. If you have purchased a gold membership, you will also need to cancel it separately.