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MUTT follows Odette (Mia Landgren), pregnant and in a relationship with an aspiring muso, when they are both forced to move to his family’s property in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Soon after arrival, their dog Barney goes missing, with Odette making it her mission to find him, leading her to uncover the clandestine world of dog fighting.

“Before researching the issue of dog fighting, we assumed that these were isolated events, the kind of thing people stumble into and regret afterwards. But the truth is the total opposite. The people involved are organised and deliberate, which is all the more unnerving,” says writer/director Samuel Galloway.

“It was a long process to make this film,” he admits. “Writing began in late 2016, principal photography happened the next year, pickups occurred across 2018-2019, and now we have had two years of post. The cast and crew eventually stopped even thinking about it as a film, but more of an art experiment where we just worked without considering ever finishing.”

With the trailer launch, it doesn’t look like these independent filmmakers and their cast have long to wait to see the finished film.

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