Trailer: Dreams of Paper & Ink

March 30, 2020
Prolific indie filmmaker Glenn Triggs' (The Comet Kids, Apocalyptic) non-dialogue feature film starring Tamara Lee Bailey, and William Servinis and Neal Bosanquet as Wade, aged 22 and 63 respectively.

Glenn Triggs: I had just finished an epic family film The Comet Kids and was looking at making something more personal – and this story just emerged in my imagination quickly and was eating away in the back of my head for months. Dreams, ideas and memories all started to form together into a small story that I slowly started to obsess over. Songs slowly began to group in a playlist of scenes that I couldn’t get out of my mind. Dialogue, no matter what was spoken, felt that it got in the way of a scene, a look, a feeling – and after a few months the idea to have no talking was such a freeing idea, yet also a very difficult one to make work.  I was always worried the story was too simple or boring – so made sure use simple storytelling techniques to complicate elements to force the audience to always be thinking two steps ahead therefor holding their attention.


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