Trailer: Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan

June 6, 2019
The Australian war film has a full trailer on the eve of its premiere at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival.

DANGER CLOSE: THE BATTLE OF LONG TAN is releasing in Australian cinemas on August 8, 2019. DANGER CLOSE: THE BATTLE OF LONG TAN will screen at Sydney Film Festival 2019 on June 15 and June 16, with full details and tickets available here:



  1. Michael

    I’m a Vietnam Veteran, eleven months starting just after Long Tan. I just had a look at the trailer, hoping that above all else, the movie would be authentic – that a fierce life-or-death jungle battle involving Aussie soldiers hopelessly outnumbered, might be dramatic enough for audiences. No such luck. Just one example: One digger, in the midst of the battle, who should have been a fairly busy digger at the time, pauses and says to another digger, “We’re not going to make it are we.” Now I know I’m watching with a fairly unique perspective, but would the nurses and bank staff and bus drivers watching this movie be moved by that line or would it irritate like a line from the worst of American movies? So by all means take a look, you might find it entertaining and you might leave with an impression of the Aussie digger in a fight. But it will be an absolutely wrong impression. The Long Tan Aussies were among the best trained, modest, laconic warriors in history. They didn’t brag about how brave they were but neither did they whine in fear when they were under fire. For hour after hour they did what they had trained thousands of hours to do. But was that too boring for a movie? Does it need to be a soapie? There was smoke and explosions and machine guns firing and bullets flying and Signalmen yelling into radios, not to mention the damaged and dead bodies. I wonder why that wasn’t dramatic enough to make a movie?

  2. Graeme

    Michael, I might be wrong but I reckon I can recall Dave Sabben relating that at one point one of the young blokes actually did ask if he thought they would ‘ get out of this’. Sabben supposedly replied ” I don’t think so mate”.

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