by Safia Bleeker

Either way, you have come to the point where you need to choose what to watch to spend an evening nicely and go home from the cinema with great emotions. You could also, of course, enjoy the movie on Netflix or Amazon from the comfort of your couch, with lots of snacks and your favourite drinks. But which movie in 2024 should you pick?

Suffice it to say, Ukrainian women dating foreign men love going out to watch the premiere of a new rom-com or thriller. That’s why we selected a list of the best romance movies that are not all about first dates and shy kisses. Check out the list below and see what we mean!

What is the Highest Romantic Movie?

Are you searching for a thrilling movie to watch with your younger girlfriend, or do you want to find a romantic drama to enjoy with one of the lovely Ukrainian brides over 50? This list is suitable for both cases.

Challengers — Coming out April 18

This is one of those romantic movies that is not just about “He liked her, but she didn’t like him. Will they be together or not?” Here, the plot is much more interesting and less predictable.

Tashi used to play tennis but now coaches her husband, turning him into a famous champion. To help him get over a losing streak, she makes him play in a challenger event, a low-level tournament. Doesn’t sound like a setup for a typical romance story, right? Things get tense when he faces Patrick, his old friend and Tashi’s ex-boyfriend, who used to be a great player. You and your Ukrainian wife will be absolutely blown away by the edgy atmosphere created by excellent filming and a perfect cast.

Joker: Folie à Deux — Coming out October 3

Romantic movies do not always have to be cute and soapy, right? Crossing our fingers for some trailer magic, Joker: Folie à Deux debuts this October as the most intense love story yet. Featuring the award-winning Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, this sequel brings a new twist to Harley Quinn and marks the first musical set in Gotham City. Get ready for a mix of dark romance, thriller, and musical in Joker: Folie à Deux.

If you watch the movie with one of the Ukrainian singles you recently met, you will likely have lively discussions about whether Margot Robbie would be a better Harley Quinn and which part of Joker is the best.

The Idea of You — Streams on Prime Video May 2

Haven’t seen Anne Hathaway in romantic movies for a while? That is about to change. The Idea of You is about Solène, a single mom in her forties, who falls in love with Hayes, the younger lead singer of a worldwide popular boy band. And the age difference is not going to be the main issue. Surprise!

When Solène goes with her daughter to the Coachella festival, she meets Hayes and feels a special connection. Their romance is being challenged by Hayes’ fame. This makes Solène realise that dating a superstar is more complicated than she thought. But love always wins. Does it?

If you are dating Ukrainian women and want to have a movie night, this is the ideal pick. After watching The Idea of You, both of you will have plenty of interesting thoughts to share, which will make your evening unforgettable.

It Ends With Us — Coming out June 20

This is one of the greatest romantic drama movies coming in 2024 based on the book by Colleen Hoover. The plot follows Lily Bloom, who grew up in difficult circumstances but never gave up. She moved away from her small town, worked hard, and achieved her dreams. What else is there to wish for?

After her father’s funeral, the woman starts to explore her past and her feelings, especially for a guy named Ryle she met in Boston. Lily falls for Ryle, but at the same time, she also starts recalling different details about her first love, Atlas Corrigan, and how he changed her life. All in all, it gets quite messy and complicated.

The story shows how love, even from someone who cares about you, can sometimes hurt the most. There is nothing more romantic to watch when inviting Ukrainian beauties for a movie night.

Love Lies Bleeding — Out Now

Stop picking those overfilled love movies with sugary, sweet meet-cutes on Netflix. Go for something more extravagant! Many call Love Lies Bleeding an exotic thriller. Isn’t it awesome that it is also considered a romantic movie for couples at the same time? Director Rose Glass presents a powerful new love story starring Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brian.

Lou, a shy gym manager, falls deeply in love with Jackie, a determined bodybuilder, on her way to Las Vegas to chase her dream. But it’s not about adorable “I miss you too” messages and morning coffees together. Their passion turns violent, drawing them into Lou’s family’s criminal underworld. So buy the tickets and invite a Ukraine single woman to spend the evening together.

Final Word

Cinema is the place to go for couples in 2024. Plenty of great movies are coming soon, and we suggest you watch all of them with your loved one. Are you into dating Ukrainian single women? Next time your girlfriend wants to go out, take her to watch a romantic story in a cinema or organise a movie night at home.

Does your sweetheart prefer something more thrilling and unpredictable than typical rom-coms? In this case, the two of you could have a great time watching the intense drama of Challengers or the star-studded romance of The Idea of You. Or go for something even darker and buy tickets for Joker: Folie à Deux, which will surely amaze you with its incredible cast and unconventional plot.