Top 3 Most Memorable Films Set in Las Vegas

November 29, 2019
Nevada serves as a popular filming destination for directors and producers not only because of its iconic sights, active nightlife and majestic hotels, but also because it has a very friendly permit process, making it a budget friendly affair for every filmmaker.

Furthermore, directors also understand that it’s just not possible to recreate Las Vegas’ environment in some Hollywood backlot. Hence, many cult and award-winning Hollywood films have been shot on the Las Vegas strip over the years. The top-rated Las Vegas sportsbooks, casinos and hotels provide the perfect setting for these blockbusters to create that much needed impact on the audience. Let’s tell you about 3 such memorable films that were shot in Las Vegas.

Ocean’s 11

Starring Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney, this 2001 remake had no dearth of big stars. The Bellagio Hotel was also one of its primary characters and was used constantly throughout the film. You can see Picasso restaurant, the Botanic Gardens, the hotel entrance and many other locations showcased in the movie time and again. Bellagio’s grand staircase which Julia Roberts walks down from, in a classic scene, was later removed from the location.

Other notable Las Vegas locations featured in Ocean’s 11 were the Sundance helicopters offices and the Garden Arena of the MGM Grand. As per Nevada Film office, the cast and crew of Ocean’s 11 were provided unprecedented access to several locations of the Bellagio Hotel, and were allowed to film at any time of the day or night they wished. All the lead stars of the film stayed at the hotel itself, each one occupying massive 7000 ft² villas.

The Hangover

Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace has always been popular amongst Hollywood filmmakers and it has proved to be a major hit yet again, with the present generation this time. The 2019 Hollywood comedy The Hangover, which starred Bradley Cooper was set in the hotel’s lobby, pools, outside the main entrance and Augustus Tower’s 24th floor. However, the actual hotel room was made out of a sound stage, as the hotel didn’t allow tigers in the rooms! Other popular Las Vegas spots filmed in this movie include empty lots at Giles Road, Mandalay Bay, East Fremont Street, dry lake bed in Jean and Riviera Hotel and Casino. The room number 825 of the Wild Wild West Hotel also finds a place as that’s where Jade meets up with Alan, Stu and Phil.

Viva Las Vegas

Having headlined at Hilton during the early ’70s, through till his death in 1977, Elvis Presley was never a stranger to the Sin City. Viva Las Vegas was released more than 50 years ago and is considered a solid Hollywood classic today. Although a lot of places featured in the movie have changed considerably, including the views of the Vegas strip, which wasn’t as crowded as it is nowadays. However, there are some spots that still have the same appearance, for instance, the Little Church of the West.

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