Top 10 Sugar Daddy Websites in Australia for Sugar Babies – Best Aussie Dating Sites

November 9, 2023
Sugar daddy dating in Australia, what’s that?

Well, it’s when a sugar daddy, or sugar momma, is looking for a sugar baby and vice versa. In short, it’s people looking for mutually beneficial relationships. And these mutually beneficial relationships are popular both in Australia and the rest of the world.

So what’s a mutually beneficial relationship you ask? It’s a relationship between two people who are looking for something beyond just love. According to Euroweeklynews, it may be a younger attractive person looking for someone to mentor them and pamper them, while an older person is looking for a younger attractive person whom they can spoil and mentor. It’s no secret that most people looking for a serious relationship are drawn towards security — they want someone who is not only emotionally, but financially stable. For some, that’s exactly what sugar daddy dating is all about.

In short, sugar daddy dating ranges from people looking for sponsorship to people looking for love. Some of the dating sites even perform background checks to ensure people are who they say they are. Other sites are, let’s say, more suitable for people looking to play and have fun. So without further ado, let’s have a look at sugar daddy dating sites in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

  1. SugarDaddyMeet – Best for richer older men and younger attractive women

SugarDaddyMeet is one of best sugar daddy websites in Australia where young and attractive women can find successful older men to help each other out. These relationships are based on mutual agreements where both sides benefit without any hesitation. No matter if you’re looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, you can find either on this site.

Sugar Daddy Meet allows sugar daddies (they don’t talk about mommas) suggesting a first date gift as an “ice breaker.” This site only caters to about 2.5M people (if you can call that “only”) and it’s been around for over ten years. It offers an option to verify people’s photos so as to avoid fake members. However, there’s no criminal check or income verification. They do suspend any account they think of as “low quality” or fake with immediate effect though. They are open about targeting “richer older men” and “younger attractive women” so you’ll want to fall into one of the two categories if joining.

  1. SecretBenefits – Best free site for sugar babies

While the trending term in this world is “mutually beneficial relationships,” you could say these relationships come with secret benefits if you aren’t aware of the set up.

SecretBenefits doesn’t check your bank account, or criminal record, but it does verify photos, meaning there aren’t a lot of fake profiles (this feature was installed when fake profiles became a problem). At least people look like they say they do. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are who they say they are.

A sugar baby can use this site for free, while sugar daddies have to pay for credits that unlock unlimited messaging with someone, etc. While this can be a way of getting men to spend hideous amounts of money, it offers integrity, as a set amount of credit allows you free messaging forever with someone, or full access to all their photos. Many other sites want to charge for each message and that’s when things get silly (or scammy, call it what you like).

The site offers a “secret album” feature where you can upload photos of yourself that aren’t available to just anyone on the site. A sugar baby has to respond to requests from men to view her secret album photos, before he can use his credits to unlock them. Unlike some other sites, SecretBenefits have a no nudity policy, meaning women don’t have albums full of nudity. There are, however, plenty of sexy photos on there.

  1. SugarDaddy – The growing dating site for older men

This site calls itself “the king of all sugar daddy dating sites in US.” Their philosophy seems focused around the idea that people are looking for a longterm mutually beneficial relationship, that involves genuine caring. If that translates to its members is another story entirely.

SugarDaddy is mainly for people in the US, but allows people worldwide, including Australia, to join. And before you even join, you can browse members. Meaning others can see you, even if they aren’t members, unless you entirely hide your profile. The only verification process is an email verification. However, each profile is reviewed by their team before you are accepted.

The site design is questionable, but the site works well enough for browsing and messaging. In short, it’s a great site for finding people to date, but it’s far from the sleekest, or most sincere one.

  1. MillionaireMatch – Best for older men seeking love

This site isn’t strictly a sugar daddy dating site, but rather for “elite” singles. Sometimes elite refers to looks, sometimes to income, sometimes to being interesting (such as running a start-up at the age of 21, or being the head of a charity).

If you’re looking for casual hookups, this isn’t a good site. If, on the other hand, you want a serious relationship, it’s awesome. Because not many people spend an hour signing up to a site filled with people looking for serious relationships, if they just want a casual sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship.

As one of the most popular dating sites — in Australia and beyond — MillionaireMatch is a good option if you’re looking for a serious relationship with someone who holds a university degree and a stable job. If you’re just looking for some fun on the weekend with a sugar daddy or sugar momma, you may want to go elsewhere.

  1. Luxurydate – Best platform to help young women find rich older men

Luxurydate is one of those rare niche sites that focus on sugar dating. Simply put, it’s a platform built to help young women find rich older men. It claims to be a place where older, established, men can connect with younger, beautiful, women. However, even though the site is focused on these groups of people, the site doesn’t limit others from joining and trying to find a different kind of date.

According to Dating Scout, there are plenty of active women (sugar babies) on this site (for whom membership is free). You can join the site and browse members for free, you just can’t read messages without paying if you’re a man. Nor can you see “private albums” that women can invite you to have a look at (this is where more private — read semi-nude or nude — photos are posted).

While fake profiles appear, they tend to be weeded out as the staff checks all profiles individually. Dating Advice still claims they have found fake profiles (or at the very least: inactive ones) on there. You also have to fill out your profile, or you will be automatically disqualified for membership.

  1. MillionaireLove – Connect young women and older men with sugar daddies

MillionaireLove is not just another dating website. It is designed to connect young women and older men with sugar daddies and mommas. Sugar daddies and mommas play the role of mentors, but can also financially aid young people that join this dating platform.

According to the site creators, its primary goal is to help you get covered if you want to find someone to take care of or find someone who will take care of you. You are either someone who are successful in life and would like to share that success, or you’re eager to share someone else’s success in return for something you bring to the table. In short, you’re a sugar momma/sugar daddy or a sugar baby. Whether you’re looking for a successful mentor, a hot date, or a long-term relationship, Millionaire Love provides you with options to find it. It’s about relationships on your terms. And with over million members in over 100 countries, Australia and New Zealand included, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

There are a lot of sugar babies on this site, so the ratio between sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies makes it great for the daddies and mommas. The site caters to both straight and gay relationships.

  1. Oursecret

This is a relatively small dating site and app with only about 56,000 members, of which about 30,000 are active. It has members from around the globe, including Australia.

The site is beautifully designed, modern and sleek. Granted it’s new, that makes sense. Thanks to that it also comes with some added perks. Such as profile verification. When creating a profile, you have to verify your email and your account won’t be live until the actual profile has also been approved by the team. With the tagline “Chat. Negotiate. Meet.” the company makes sure everyone knows what it’s about. Though arguably you can negotiate a lot of things in a relationship, not just what will be spent on you in dollars. They are not prostitutes — in fact, they are goal-empowered individuals who know what they want in life.”

  1. Elitemeetsbeauty – Specially designed to fit specific needs and wants

Having been around several years, this is one of the oldest sugar daddy dating sites in Australia and on the web in general. With about million members and about 500,000 online every month, you are more likely to find your sugar momma/daddy or sugar baby than on many other sites as well. The site states it’s for people looking for more serious relationships, but whether that translates is another story entirely.

While the design of the page is outdated, it functions well. Members have reported coming across fake and inactive accounts though. From numerous different dating services that are featured on the internet these days, there are only a couple that fit this extremely tight niche.

People like the sugar daddy and sugar baby dating scene for one reason or the other, and we can’t say there is no appeal to it. Now, this is nothing new. Sugar daddies and sugar babies have been a thing since ancient history, but this dating niche has gone virtual in the past couple of years, much like every other.

  1. SugarDaddie

Established already back in 2002, SugarDaddie was around long before it became popular to use online dating sites. And with 5 million members, and 2,500 daily logins, it has paid off.

While the site design is a bit outdated, the site offers perks such as no automatic billing, which is usually a fallacy of other dating sites and a major complaint among users. Also, while winks and such may be a good way of checking the waters with someone, here it’s IM only. Meaning you have to write something to get someone’s attention. This is good, in a way, because people are much more likely to respond to real messages.

It’s hard to search for members beyond what their location is, but a good thing is that you can see when they were last active, meaning you know ups front if a user is active. There’s usually little point in sending messages to people who haven’t been online for months! Profiles aren’t reviewed, but profile pictures and emails are verified.

  1. WhatsYourPrice

On WhatsYourPrice you don’t offer potential gifts to break the ice – you bid for a person to break the ice. Forget charity auctions. This is an ego auction where you can make money for yourself…

This is not a site where men bid for women only — this is a site where both sexes bid….but that said, it tends to be men bidding for women. In a way it’s funny — what are you prepared to pay to get a shot at dating someone? Truly. To get a shot with that hottie. It’s one way of avoiding the flakes on Tinder, that’s for certain! Of course, this concept only works if said hottie is on the site to find love, not on the site to earn money… Many people seem to use this site singularly to spend time with someone for a date though. Not to find love. Basically, you’re paying for company, though it’s not an escort service.