Tidelands Cast Leaks

March 1, 2018
Genre veterans will populate the new series from Netflix and Hoodlum Entertainment.

We all got quite excited about Tidelands when it was announced last May. Produced by Brisbane’s Hoodlum Entertainment, Netflix;s first original Australian series is set to be a supernatural drama that follows an ex-criminal who returns home to the remote coastal village of Orphelin Bay, and begins to discover the town’s secrets when investigating the connection between the death of a local fisherman and a tribe of strange aquatic creatures called“Tidelanders.”

Which is all well and good, but since then there’s been nothing. Not a whiff of info. Radio silence.

Until now.

We hold in our hand a list of names…

Thanks to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, we’ve got what purports to be a partial cast list for Tidelands. We can’t speak to its veracity, except to say that a) we trust this source implicitly, and b) the list has gone out to at least one other reputable Australian film news site. So, with that caveat in mind, here’s what we have:

Lucy Lawless: Roma

Elsa Pataky: Adriel

Charlotte Best: Cal

Aaron Jakubenko: Augie

Brad McMurray: Overman

The character names mean nothing at this point, but the cast is interesting.

Lucy Lawless is, of course, the once and hopefully future Xena, current villain in Ash vs Evil Dead, and Mrs Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation.

Elsa “Mrs Thor” Pataky had a recurring role in the Fast and the Furious franchise, and will soon be seen opposite husband Chris Hemsworth in 12 Strong.

Charlotte Best did a three year stint on Home and Away, and recently appeared in the Australian horror comedy, Skinford (and has completed work on the upcoming sequel).

Neighbours veteran Aaron Jakubenko is no stranger to fantasy, having appeared in Spartacus: War of the Damned and the recently canceled The Shannara Chronicles.

And veteran Australian actor Brad McMurray has been in all kinds of projects over the years, including Dwayne Johnson actioner San Andreas and the Melbourne indie Pawno, both in 2015.

And that’s all the news at hand. Tidelands will stream on Netflix at some point. Late 2018 seems like a safe bet.




  1. kev

    Wait is this actually being filmed in Shorncliffe. I live in Shorncliffe.

  2. Paul

    Filming in the Redlands recently. Matt Damon spotted (not hearsay) in the Redlands this weekend…..

  3. Kathy

    Lucy has been in the states vacationing and doing cons ! Did she start filming yet? Some sites don’t meantion her name at all !

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