The Sopranos…Famous Fans

January 21, 2019
It looks like there might be a few big names in the audience when In Conversation With The Sopranos hits Australia.

Alex Lloyd (Singer/songwriter)

“I watch a load of films and series on the tour bus or waiting at airports. The Sopranos, The Wire, The Godfather, and The Apartment are faves.”

Andrew Dominik (on directing James Gandolfini in Killing Them Softly)

“You at least expect Jim to follow through,” Dominik says of Gandolfini’s profane but deeply maudlin Mickey. “You don’t expect him to be a broken down, heartbroken alcoholic. Jim’s incredible. He really is a great actor…he’s deserving of that title. He’s an extraordinarily sensitive human being too. You don’t really direct Jim – you just turn him loose and watch him.”

Brad Pitt (on starring with James Gandolfini in Killing Them Softly)

“With James Gandolfini, I felt like I was watching Brando. I couldn’t give any more respect to the man.”

Missy Higgins (the singer/songwriter on what she watches when on tour)

“I mainly just see movies on the plane now, or in hotel rooms. I can’t get enough of The Sopranos when I get hold of them.”

Paul Fenech (the Fat Pizza and Housos creator when asked what he has in his DVD collection)

“It’s very simple, mate: the entire Stallone film history up to ‘85. The Sopranos – every season. The Godfather series. All the chocky stuff. The Bruce Lee collection, Rumble In The Jungle, all the Ali fights. But we won’t go into the pornos because you wouldn’t be familiar with any of the titles…”

Actor/director John Turturro, on being persuaded by The Coen Brothers to cast James Gandolfini in his film, Romance & Cigarettes

“They recommended James Gandolfini; I thought he was too young, and they said, ‘He can play older!’”

Greg Haddrick (producer on Underbelly, Bikie Wars, Cloudstreet, Janet King)

“I remember when The Sopranos was touted as one of the greatest TV dramas, and The Wire, but in fact, the actual audience for them was never huge. But then that’s true of literature as well – the audience for James Joyce was never big! So, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that people sometimes mistake the critical heritage that a show forms around itself with the popular base.”

David Rokach (Director, Antenna Documentary Film Festival)

“On a deep level, David Chase’s The Sopranos deconstructed almost every aspect of our life: society, psychology, identity, gender politics, love, hate, greed, lust, power, loyalty…it was perhaps more cinematic, compelling, and intelligent than most films.”

Vincent Kartheiser (actor, Mad Men)

I loved the way that The Sopranos ended. There was no real end to it. It was just kind of like, ‘Life goes on…this story will continue.’”

In Conversation With The Sopranos will tour Australia from May 25 to June 1. Click here for all dates, venue and ticket information.


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