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Harrison Ford will be 76-years-old when shooting the next Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones And The Ghosts Of The Cuban Missile Crisis (2019), where Indy finds himself caught up in the early stages of LSD research at the CIA (which results in him single-handedly disabling a nuclear missile and inventing the internet). If you think he’s too old to play Indiana Jones, just remember, when he was 72, this guy crash landed a WW2 aircraft that stalled upon take off, at 3,000 feet, safely onto a Los Angeles golf course. He’s not too old to play Indiana Jones…he is Indiana Jones.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that Indiana Jones And The Ghosts Of The Cuban Missile Crisis will be his last appearance as Indiana Jones – no, Ford will star as Indiana Jones well into his 80s with the help of state-of-the-art digital technology, which means that there will be prequels. When Indy, his father, Marcus Brody, and Sallah rode off into the distance at the end of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, why wasn’t it Indy’s final adventure? We find out why in Indiana Jones And The Bottomless Pit Of Money.
Reliving our favourite Harrison Ford movies won’t stop there. Let’s face it, we need an actor to play the laconic lone wolf on a quest, the noble treasure hunter everyman who uses his wits rather than his brawn. Chris Pratt was a contender, but his jock like behaviour and boyishness got in the way. The only man up for the job in Hollywood is Harrison Ford. You’d rather him at your side at 80 over any of the younger action stars. And luckily he’s happy to take the whip and run with it.
As well as the imminent Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Harrison Ford will return as a quiet but heroically intelligent US ex-President whose driverless electric car is hijacked. The following year, he will star in the “indy” flick, Witnessed, about world weary detective, John Book, who decides to abandon the modern world and return to life as an Amish Mennonite.
In the age of “no secrets” and social media, Harrison Ford has the advantage of being an all-round nice guy with brains, and no skeletons in his closet. AND, he crash landed a WW2 aircraft that stalled on take-off…at the age of 72! How much more authentic does it get? There will never be another movie star like Harrison Ford, I can assure you of that, so the world will endeavour to hold onto him for as long as possible.
And I don’t want to give it away, but Han Solo will be back. Remember the movie rule: no body, no death. More on that in the future…
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