By Travis Johnson

The only reason Will Arnett’s Batman didn’t steal the entire Lego Movie is that the whole dang thing was amazing, but he is the most obvious element there to get his own movie* and, in a surprise twist from a normally unjust universe, we’re actually getting one.

The plot is… well, who cares, really? But the tone is great, with Arnett’s Batman-as-perpetual-adolescent giving grief to Ralph Fiennes’ put-upon Alfred while poorly parenting Michael Cena’s Robin. We also get a brief burst of laughter from Zach Galifianakis’s Joker and it looks like the Justice League are cropping up as well. Plus there are plenty of Easter eggs for eagle-eyed Batfans – the gallery of Batmobiles alone is worith the ticket.

The Lego Batman Movie is due in February 2017.

*Apart from Captain Metalbeard. Would literally kill to see that.


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