The Dressmaker Stitches Up Home Entertainment Records

May 4, 2016
Home grown hit continues to please.

Having already had a stellar run at the Australian box office, Jocelyn Moorhouse’s The Dressmaker continues to win fans on its home release, racking up an impressive 140,000 sales in its first seven weeks of release.

This makes the Kate Winslet vehicle the fourth highest selling drama of the last six years, and the highest selling Australian drama of the last three years.

Sue Maslin, the film’s producer, is justifiably proud, saying, “We have been delighted and astounded at the number of DVD parties being held across Australia where friends are gathering to watch the film. And dressing up! The huge response has flown in the face of everything we understand about declining DVD sales. The only explanation is that our fans want to share the film as well as keep a bit of The Dressmaker for themselves, and that is just wonderful.

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, no doubt The Dressmaker will see another spike in sales before the week is out.

The Dressmaker is out now through Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


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