Talking Movies: All Blacks Legend Dan Carter

August 27, 2016
With the second test of The Bledisloe Cup on tonight, we revisit our vintage chat with All Blacks superstar, Dan Carter.

Do you ever find the time to make it to the movies in Christchurch, or while you are traveling with the team? “There’s plenty of time for the movies, but there are no actual team screenings.”

You’re now one of New Zealand’s most recognised people – are the public generally good when you hit the town? “Auckland is pretty good in terms of not getting recognised. But Christchurch can be a bit full on. That’s where I put on my hoody when I’m out and about.”

Did you get any stick for being voted New Zealand’s sexiest celebrity? How did you take it when you heard? “A few of my team mates gave me a bit of stick. I don’t really read too much into those sorts of things.”

Dan Carter in action...

Dan Carter in action…

So, down to business: what’s the last film you saw that you loved? “That would have to be Kingdom Of Heaven, with Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson.”

Alternatively, what’s the last film you saw that you hated? The Aviator…definitely The Aviator.”

What is the highlight of your DVD collection? “I love Eddie Murphy’s stand-up comedy DVDs – ones like Delirious and Raw.”

Do you have a favourite actor and actress? “Ben Stiller and Halle Berry.”

Have you ever walked out of a film? “No, but I’ve fallen asleep a few times.”

Who is the biggest film buff out of your teammates on The Crusaders? “Caleb Ralph or Justin Marshall, who now plies his trade in Leeds.”

This article was first published in 2005.


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