Cain Noble-Davies


Fly Me to the Moon

… balances a retro approach to onscreen romance, and indeed the romance of literally shooting for the stars, with well-earned moments of introspection and poking at the emphasis placed on

The Beast

… the in-depth braininess of the script and the sublime film craft (Anita Roth’s editing during the final act is bonkers in all the right ways) create a compelling and

The Garfield Movie

There doesn’t really need to be another feature-length Garfield film. While the previous two attempts (including the one that Bill Murray notoriously signed on for by mistake) lend plenty of


After cornering the cinematic market for sensory horror with the A Quiet Place series, writer/director/actor John Krasinski’s latest feature is quite the departure from both his horror genre breakthrough and


Building from her real-life history as an Afghan refugee (a TV journalist in her native land, who had to flee the Taliban), Anaita Wali Zada’s film debut as Donya shows