Sydney Film Festival: All Night Looooonnnngggg…

April 12, 2019
The Sydney Film Festival gets kinky with an all-night programme of head-bending cult classics courtesy of longtime programs manager, Jenny Neighbour.

Amongst its big splash of just-announced films, The Sydney Film Festival has also raised the curtain on what sounds like a very entertaining – but potentially exhausting – event. The All Night Cine-Love In is an all-night film extravaganza that kicks off at 10:00pm and charges right through to the ungodly hour of 7:30am at Dendy Newtown from 8-9 June. This very special event is curated by the festival’s longtime Programs Manager, Jenny Neighbour, who is celebrating her 30th year with The Sydney Film Festival.

Jenny Neighbour circa 1998.

“With 30 Sydney Film Festivals under my belt, I wanted to celebrate that time; the moment when cinema truly opened its doors to me,” Neighbour says. “This All Night Cine-Love In may change your cinematic world, and if it doesn’t… well, it’s going to be a great night at the movies.” She’s got that absolutely right, with a selection of brain-frying cult classics set to keep daring viewers well and truly awake right through the night. So, what’s on the cinematic menu? Rich and varied, but all deliriously weird, four fascinating films will take you deep into the night: David Lynch’s hallucinatory 1977 masterpiece, Eraserhead; Lindsay Anderson’s under-celebrated and wonderfully picaresque 1973 gem, O Lucky Man!; Nagisa Oshima’s sexually charged 1976 provocation piece, In The Realm Of The Senses; and John Waters’ 1974 Divine-starring trash spectacular, Female Trouble.

“These films hark back to my time as an arts student in London in the early 1980s and discovering the capital’s legendary Scala Cinema – a true movie treasure trove, from the days when films weren’t accessible online or even in stores,” says Jenny Neighbour. “It’s there I discovered that films could be provocative, trashy, surreal, troubling, and not always in English.”

The Sydney Film Festival runs from June 5-16. For all ticketing, programming and venue information, head to the official site. For more on The All Night Cine-Love In, click here.    

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