Super Powers in Real-life Situations

May 17, 2017
Are superheroes simply an audience’s wish-fulfilment?

Movies centring on superheroes are certainly the biggest thing in the film world right now and each of the major superhero characters has his – or her – own super powers that help to differentiate them from the others. This way, the films succeed in grabbing the interest of the audience, but it seems likely that part of that interest is also down to wish-fulfilment. After all, there are times when it would be extremely useful to have the powers that Superman, Spiderman and others have.


This character created by DC Comics is one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time, thanks to super powers that include super strength, super speed, flight and x-ray vision. These powers combined make Superman almost impossible to defeat in his world, with only Kryptonite having the power to weaken him. While any single one of these powers would be distinctly handy to have in real life, super speed does seem like it would be especially handy. After all, we all sleep in from time to time and this power would ensure we could get up ten minutes before we started work and still be on time.


Spiderman is another of the superhero characters that is known all over the world, although this time he is a creation of Marvel Comics. The story of Spiderman is that his alter-ego, the teenager Peter Parker, gets bitten by a spider infected with radioactivity and develops super powers as a result. As with Superman, he has superhuman strength, but also possesses super agility, the spider-sense early warning system. Again, this one seems like it would be particularly useful in the real world – for example when you are browsing the internet during working hours, you would know the boss was coming long before he spotted you.

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman is a member of the superhero team the Fantastic Four and possesses the powers of invisibility and to project psionic energy fields. Along with the other members of this team she gained her powers after being exposed to cosmic radiation while participating in an interstellar flight and – while either of the main powers she has could be useful in certain real-world scenarios, invisibility seems like it would be the most handy of the two. After all, if you had suspicions that your partner was cheating on you, you could follow them when they go out without them being any the wiser.

The Flash

The Flash is a long-running DC Comics character that has had several different human alter-egos through the years. The most famous was Barry Allen, a scientist who is drenched in chemicals after his cabinet full of them is hit by lightning. This leaves him possessing a number of powers, including ultra-fast reflexes and movement – hence the name. However he also possesses superhuman levels of stamina and this would be very useful in a number of real-life situations – say playing a casino game, as you would remain fresh as a daisy mentally and physically while all your opponents were wilting.

While it would be great to have any of these powers, at least we can enjoy fantasising that we do while watching the films.


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